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    • Hello community, hello baraka players,

      I'm devnull from Baraka server or how many knows me as "Gnaff" with my guardian alt.

      I'm here today to come up against the difficulties that afflict the server Baraka, and not only that, with the help of some players we have decided to create a small discord for those who need:

      • Party Buff
      • Hunting Raid
      • Boss Raid
      • War Raid
      • Party Dungeons

      and for those who need help gearing and building his class provviding Builds for each class

      where all can share and discuss his build.

      So whats the point of this thread and what is our view:

      At the moment its hard for Baraka players find parties for boss,dungeon and so on

      so we think to create this community with your help to group the largest number of

      players for enjoy the game in the right way.

      We know many guild have their discord but our hope is to group as best is possible

      like a real faction, no one is asking to leave your discord, but just to be sociable

      with our project and join us for the better events, and why not, for share some words in

      vocal chat :D

      Also we hope for the other side of the faction, Hierion to make a same project and also

      with other server affecting the same problems.

      JOIN US:

      ~Thanks hiry for his great work!

      Let us know what you think!

      and sorry for my bad english, im not native :D

      ~Hoping neowiz for merge and fix Optimization