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    • I'm not going anywhere, really enjoying the game. Just felt disappointed that the one feature that can really define a game (pvp) is locked to only cater to one prime time audience, and to have lost so many guildy's due to this.

      I am just hoping that they might change/remove the lockouts when they merge the servers cause I think a lot of people will give the game another shot at that point.

        • What is the deal with the time based lockouts on PvP, I have heard a lot of speculation but cannot find anything from Neowiz on this subject.:/

          Why are they doing this, as an oceanic player but also on behalf of all the people that are unable to play during peak NA times, how are we supposed to PvP when it is all over for the day by 1pm. :thumbdown:

          Talk all the shit you want ive been told to get a different job, move to a different country, America first fuck the rest, all valid points but not helping.:sleeping:

          We started out as a 40+ person guild keen to smash and after having to reroll due to server locks and then again due to being on a dead server we are down to about 15 people.

          With the addition of another time locked bg which none of us can do, its starting to feel like there are only about 4 people left out of our initial 40.;(

            • Still have my 45 farming strong on the dead server, its just now I can do dungeons and hunt groups without waiting for 3 hours to fill a group :P took about 3 days to get my new pally to 45 and geared better than my previous one.

                • the best way to make money is to make necklaces from meteorites and break them down for the accessory upgrade stones. Those sell at 6G a pop

                  This is a lie don't listen to him. Nothing to see here.

                    • Our guild have rerolled to Union on Tanara, we are actively trying to level the guild to fit in more members but if you are in Australia/New Zealand and willing to jump in discord then just ask for PrimalFury in faction chat and hopefully someone will get back to you asap. If we can consolidate active oceanic players together then we might actually be able to throw together something to do in this game.

                      AU/NZ guild recently rerolled to Union/Tanara looking for active players - ask for PrimalFury in faction.

                        • For anybody thinking about rerolling, if you want to transfer your armor/resources simply log onto your current character and list everything you want to transfer on the market place at maximum price, then log onto your new character on the new server and withdraw your auctions straight away, this will allow you to transfer the items physically onto your new character. There is some risk that the items will be purchased but at max price its no great loss. You cannot directly transfer currency however you can purchase or bid on expensive items and then resell them to collect the money from the new server.

                            • At this point is there any reason to play anywhere other than Tanara.

                              You can transfer most items and gear via the auction house between servers.

                              It only takes a few hours farming to push your crafting back up to expert, and with the repack of founders gear etc there is no reason not to reroll onto the only active server.

                              Yes it sucks to re-level but its still early in the game and you can hit 45 in a few days, plus you still have your character on whatever dead server you have been playing on which makes farming without much competition a massive bonus.

                              Our whole guild made the call to reroll to Tanara a couple nights ago due to the lack of information regarding server merges/character transfers.

                                • I really do wish blessing was self castable, but at the same time if that were to happen we would need to be nerfed into the ground as we would be unstoppable. I'm happy with the current state of 1v1 I think we appear far too strong against inexperienced players, but for someone that knows what they are doing we are very killable but still competitive.

                                    • best time for turbans is after a server maintenance :P we were lucky the first week with maintenance almost every night. We would consistently find between 15-20 turbans in the first hour following maintenance and it would drop off from there.

                                      From what I have seen turbans can spawn in place of any existing node in any disputed area. I have heard all sorts of theories and suggestions of special places to farm, but in practice I was able to find similar numbers in at least 5-6 completely different areas of the map. Once you get used to looking for them they stand out from a mile away. Outside of the server resets I have been consistently finding 5-10 turbans per hour in wyvern valley white sands and cornus valley.

                                        • It's one thing to make a game hard its another to put a completely unobtainable road block in the path of peoples progression.

                                          I can only assume that on other versions of the game that there is a more reasonable way of obtaining anima fragments.

                                          I burned through 150 lvl 50 taming scrolls today and from that 150 scrolls I was able to obtain 0 anima fragments, I got 3 attempts at a rare tame all of which were successful. All 3 anima's gave me insignificant level 1 pets.

                                          And lets not forget that there are still another 4 tiers of crafting after Master.

                                          My plan now is to level enchanting on an alt, considering I am not gaining any experience towards my crafting level on my main and once I have maxed out enchanting again on the alt then I will drop enchanting and pick up another profession for my main character.