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      • Bless Emotes list

        Agree - /agree

        Cry - /cry

        Dance -/dance

        Decline - /no

        Kneel - /confess

        Laugh - /laugh

        Love - /love

        Rage - /rage

        Salute - /salute

        Show off - /show off

        Shy – /shy

        Taunt - /taunt

        Tired - /sleep

        Warm-Up - /strength

        Their are a few variations to some of these but these all work:blessthumb:

      • Warm-Up - /strength

      • Cry - /cry

        • I respect your opinion Asriel , however, this is a general topic. I thought it was a necessary evil to bring this to everyone's attention this issue as this should be a community concern and I believe its an opinion worth sharing and a fight worth fighting. :blessfight:

            • Salutation Bless Nation.

              My name is Pappa Pak, I have been waiting for this moment for several years and am so excited to be with you all as we pray that this beautiful game can be saved. It is up to us as a community to make our voice heard to the development staff to help form Bless into the best game possible.

                • What about trading between your own characters ? Is it possible as of yet?

                  Yes this is currently possible

                  Queen please tell me how you are able to trade between characters because I can not figure out how. There is currently no shared bank and mail is still turned off. Am I missing something?

                    • I just posted this to two of a predominant streamer and video creator in regards to dishonesty in his video and hope that more will follow in my footsteps of standing up for this game if we truly want it to succeed. In society it is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil and we need to do everything we can to squeak louder than the haters, whiners and lairs.

                      I want to make sure people see this so Im posting it here too....I do have a couple of questions for you. One Is it possible that the lag you experienced was do too the bombardment of the server causing lag? Two, did you really expect for this release to be flawless even when larger companies who have existed longer and have more experience have had the same issues or was this just your first time being present for a launch. Three, when you were talking about the combat and said there was no block did you realize that the ability in the r block of your attack bar called guardian's faith is in fact a instant class block or were you just misleading viewers? Four, is it truly your opinion that you have seen better graphics on phone mmo's and if so are you blind? Five, though flawed and need work are some of their concepts such as the combo combat system and the pet and mount systems not creative and great concepts to move forward on? Six, You mentioned that they use only used Unreal Engine 3 for this game and made it seem as if this was the wrong choice because obviously they should or used RE 4 however did you realize that the production of this game started a good 2 years before the release of RE 4? If so what else should they of used? Seven, You state that in the previous versions of this game they have done nothing to fix the game so their release on steam is just a money grab. Did you not realize "get the memo" that the emissary program and the new office in San Francisco are an attempt at making their game better. I also noticed that when bashing how blah the combat was that you failed to mention the fact that the had already released the fact that the attacks were too high the heals were too low and that they would have this balanced asap. So in a nutshell, I see is that you are no better than Neowiz for not letting their players know that there was no end game content at release by your need to exaggerate facts, and out rite lie to your viewers just for the sake of more views. I am glad that I have not subscribed to your channel because if you were dishonest in your review about this game are you honest about any of them? And id like to add yes Neowiz did many things wrong and I hope that they are able to repair peoples trust in the future because Bless really could be a great game with help from a truthful critic and fan base. I also hope that more people start calling people out for being dishonest because everyone deserves the truth.

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