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    • I think it should be 0 hours.. there where plenty of videos of the game that you couldve used before watched before buying.

      Its like buying a dvd, watching it then returning for full price because you dont like it?

      anything like games, videos, music etc once bought and "opened/played" shouldn't be allowed to get full refunds if at all.

      You're comparing apples to oranges here.

        • The quest name is " Queen of the Elves " it is for level 40 in the Wyverns landing site. The quest asks me to talk to Captain Ellineshe in the Wyverns landing site, once i reached level 40 i tried looking for the quest on the map and it wasnt there while other players could find it. After searching i was able to find the npc by myself but when i talk to her she replies with "I feel a little anxious." and thats it, my progress is at a stop atm.

          got the same problem :'(

          Try to abandon the quest and relog. When you log back in, pick the quest back up again and follow the objectives of the quest like normal. Does this fix the problem or does talking to the objective-related MSQ NPC produce the same error?

            • Did some digging, and I found the ini file that keeps track of all your set keybindings in game. You must not have looked too hard ;)

              Navigate to Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Bless Online > BLGame > Config > BLInput.ini


              From there, open that up and you should be able to edit and save your keybindings into this file. provided of course you enter proper syntax for the desired keybinding:

                • I'm going to go ahead and agree with you here. Also want to throw in my two cents and say regardless of what type of MMO it is, if you're in a PVP zone or a PVP server, expect people to have it out for you.

                    • Darlik  

                      My mouse is a Mars Gaming MM0, and i cant use thumb buttons.

                      I'm going to recommend that you do what I told Saxicool to do in the post above. However, since your mouse doesn't come with any native software that was bundled with it, my only other suggestion was that you look into using a 3rd party program that manages keyboard and mouse button mapping called Auto Hotkey. However that's as much as I can tell you about it, as I have no experience with using it. I just know it exists as an option for people in your particular situation.

                      Aside from that, I did some research into your specific make and model mouse which I could find very little in terms of actual reviews/specs/documentation, which was slightly alarming. The things that I did find that were concerning were that it runs for a little bit under 6 USD, its supposedly an MMO mouse, and it has no software bundled with it to program keys. These three things just don't add up. You get what you pay for, I guess.

                      If you're ever in the market for upgrading your mouse, I would suggest looking at the Red Dragon Perdition or the Logitech G600. For the price ranges of these mice, you won't be disappointed in investing in either. In my personal experience, the Logitech G600 can do everything that the Razer Naga line and price range mice can do, at literally half the price. Again, you won't be disappointed.

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                          watch?v=jWNObt5kDKcI have a Logitech M510 and I'm able to use Left, Middle and Right, but I can't use the thumb buttons. I've heard from a friend that their mouse can't even use M1 though. ;(

                          I would really like to be able to use M4 and M5 too xD

                          The first thing you should do is make sure you have the latest drivers or firmware for your specific mouse. To do this you will want to search for "Device Manager" in your start bar at the bottom of your screen. If you are running the latest Windows 10 Creators Update, it kfYkr92.png

                          Click and open the Device Manager entry that appears on the list.

                          Then, in the window that pops up, there should be a list, and in that list there should be Mice and other pointing devices. Expand that.

                          When you expand that your Logitech M510 should appear on that list. I'm using a Logitech G600, so thats what appears for me.


                          Right click Logitech M510 and select Update Driver


                          If it finds any driver updates, install them and then we can move on to the next step which will be to set up your mouse to utilize its programmable keys.

                          Once done with the above, you will want to go to the Logitech website and download the software for your mouse:

                          These three pieces of software are used to help you control and manage all aspects of your logitech mouse, including programming the keys on the side of the mouse. The next step will to be to install the software, and then we can begin configuring your mouse and its programmable keys.

                          Doing some digging on youtube on how to manage the M510 software got me this result, its a pretty old upload, but it more or less should get you on the right track to programming the buttons on the side to function as a keystroke on your keyboard and from there, you should be able to bind them in game. Here's the video:


                          Let me know if this solution works for you.

                            • I will be making a Hieron Furry friendly guild sometime around whenever I manage to get on game. So if any of my fluffy friends want to join me, let me know!

                              How is the guild going so far? I wanted to give you a bump since I think a fluffy guild is a great idea! I would totally join but I'm on NA servers :<.

                                • I've played Healer in games before. When other players start being rude and acting like a little miss bossy-boots, I just stop healing them. lol

                                  I have never personally played a Pali in this game, but it they're like the Palis from other games, then I suspect they're competent enough at combat that I wont really NEED that rude player all that much.

                                  That's a horrible approach to take. If you refuse to heal people because you don't like them it means everyone in the group that is just doing their job hoping for a smooth run has to suffer because you don't like someone.

                                  Its a team game, leave your feelings at the door when grouping or just play solo.

                                    • Can't speak for pvp, but as a leveling Zerker, they need to do something NOW. This sucks. You should be able to take on two plain mobs that are 2 levels lower than you without dying constantly.

                                      What level is your Zerker, gearscore, tactics set up, and what is the rotation that you are using?
                                      Just tested the scenario on my level 16 Zerker in the first dungeon with level 14 mobs, was pulling two at a time in an effort to get myself killed and had no problems killing them with the following spammable rotation:

                                      Rapid Slash > Swift Demise > Unjust Strike

                                      In another test I did with the same rotation, in an effort to get myself killed, I pulled 5 of the Lv. 13 Rockfox Gang Henchmen located South of Marta City. I was at about 25% health when I killed all of them, didn't use a health potion or HoT bread either.

                                        • Gonna also post my 2 cents about the impact of 'Missing' an ability in your combo chain and how it feels with or without the nerf.

                                          Either way, dropping your combo completely in the event of a miss just feels terrible. The idea where you can't control the flow of combat on your character is an aged design philosophy that frankly, is in poor taste. This is compounded by the fact that combat in Bless is reliant on maintaining a combo to be effective (not to mention the necessity of applying dots, debuff windows, and gaining resource for stance conversion is also a huge component of being effective). Interrupting the cadence of your combo and dropping it because of something stat related due to lack of gear mid-fight is terrible game design. The only things that should cause you to adapt are the scope of a NPC's abilities and how they affect your character and your decisions throughout the duration of any given encounter.

                                          Another issue I've found is that across all of my characters so far; Mage, Berserker and Guardian, if you miss once, you have an increased chance to miss a consecutive second time. Mousing over the tooltip on my mage, it says I have a 95% chance to hit. Might be a translation error, but who knows. I'm definitely missing more than 5% of the time.

                                          My suggestion to keep the miss mechanic in the game would to just be to cap the hit rating to 100% (actually 100%) until level 31, remove all +hit bonuses from sub level 31 gear, and then at level 31 start introducing +hit as a stat that is required to be effective, as well as a stat that starts appearing on gear, and impose scaling or normalization based on this stat, with each successive level gained, more and more hit is needed to reach cap.

                                          But this solution only caters to making the middle man, Hit Chance and Hit Rating in this case, more relevant, which in turn just takes your control over your rotation away from you, which you are eventually going to have with this design anyway when you have the gear. In the interim, however (before they are able to cap), playing the game at all just feels not fun at all due the fact that your combos are being dropped frequently.

                                          So the solution, quite simply, would to just be to remove the middle man (hit rating) entirely, and make players have 100% chance to hit at all times, levels 1 through 45 (unless affected by debuffs or similiar, obv)

                                            • When I was doing the profession quests, I decided I wanted to change my Profession as I was doing them, so I went back to the NPC to change my profession.

                                              However after I changed my profession the Quest Item 'Trial Leather' was still in my inventory.

                                              I am unable to delete it or sell it. How do I get rid of this item?



                                                • The nerf that was implemented this morning was much too heavy handed.

                                                  60 to 80% damage nerf for all classes? That is absolutely terrible.

                                                  You guys went from all classes being completely overpowered to the opposite end of the spectrum.

                                                  I suggest reverting the current nerf and applying a nerf that is a bit more sensible; something along the lines of 15%~ across the board.