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    Idk if im doing something wrong, i deal decent dmg (still lower than ranged DPS like ranger and mage ofc) when hitting a stationary target, but its so easy to get kited when they can move and cast, whereas our skill ranges are tiny

    My guess would be that you've been overlooking your Non-Chained skills. I play both Ranger and Mage, and can always tell when I'm battling another class that ignores their non-chained skills because they're not closing in instantly and laying a stun/cc on me. Rangers suffer the most compared to any other class when it comes to getting CC'd. Lay constant CC on a ranger and he's dead. Mages aren't as bad against CC, but by the time they win the CC battle, their mana management becomes an issue because they've depleted a good portion of their mana pool and will lose by attrition.

    Given that Bluehole Studio (Tera), and Neowize (Bless), were both founded by some of the same people and are closely tied together, it's no real surprise that they share assets with each other.

    I'd just finish it out. At lvl 45 it's easy to accomplish and doesn't take long. As well, when additional content comes out you'll be forced to do it anyway, and you'd kick yourself if a wyvern outpost wasn't accessible because your main quest hadn't progressed, and you had to complete it anyway to jump right in.

    The exp rewards are obviously moot to you. But there are some monetary rewards (iirc some of them award 1g+), but apparently you've no need for that. But when additional content comes out you'd be bummed if you had to finish out what you haven't already to continue the main quest.

    Basically my advice, finish it out until you hit the lvl46 level lock. It's easy peasy, and doesn't take long. Side/exp quests are useless to you, so I'd not bother with those since you apparently you can't pre-stack exp for the level cap increase. But the main story quest, I can see a benefit in the long run.

    Dunno why you're saving hunting quests, those are always good for dungeon points (especially if you do them in a group of guildmates), as well the dismantling materials for enhancement mats. I close out as many 3rd stage hunting quests each week as I can, so I can reset them the following week and do them over again.

    The OP must be Heiron faction. Union has the same problem with Ulfes not appearing for the exact same quest.

    Though my last two alts have been able to find him now, so it must have been fixed. I might actually reawaken the quest on my main and see if I can finally complete it.

    If it were just a side quest I wouldn't care so much. But a guide quest that keeps popping, it's a bit of a nuissance.

    I get what you're saying. But realistically, the resources are not anywhere similar to what's used in the NA/EU version. The skill builder is nothing more than klicking on skills for a visual representation, but provides zero information as to what the skills provide or do. Zero number cruching. It's all props and visual. Provides no actual substantial information or skill building. And the interactive map is tailored to non US/EU games.

    where can i download the game?!?

    As of this time? Logging into Steam and purchasing the game. Outside of that... zero options. Might find download options elsewhere, but without a steam account, you're outa luck.

    I've encountered this issue a few times with friends wanting to play and join the same guild.

    Personally I think until early access is over, the faction balancing system should be suspended. Or at least altered.

    Mainly because it appears that inactive accounts are killing the ability to join a faction. None of the disputed zones (at least not on my server which seems to have a decent rate of players) are overwhelmed by active factions on either side. None of the battles that require qeueing (15v15 or 3v3) have issues getting instances started due to one faction not qeueing enough players. Yet players wishing to join the game can't join our server because Union has been balance locked for quite some time.

    The Faction Balance mechanic should only take into account "Actively Playing Faction Accounts" and not "Total Faction accounts".

    I'm trying to do the Delivery of Trial Silver Bar quest but I can't buy the trial handiwork tool because the vendor Paring does not have it. Any ideas on where I can get it?



    Been a while... but isn't that a "Claim Reward" from the prevous quest? You can never buy trial items. Every "Trial Item" is an award from a previous quest. You have to look at the quest in the quest manager, and click on the button that awards it to you. There should be a "CLAIM" option.

    Don't forget too, that the Mixed stance conversion effect awards mana.

    Mixed stance conversion effect...

    • Increases the damage of next stance starting skill by N% once, and CD is not applied. Recovers Mana by consuming 1000 of the corresponding Element of you next link starting skill. For skills with more than 2 attributes, the higher element is consumed

    So if you have 2000 element stored up, you will get a nice kaboom (as well that starting skill's cooldown is nullified), and you'll also receive mana. And still have 1000 element stored for your next rotation.

    If I'm going to get into a pickup group for a dungeon, I typically just go to the dungeon and there are usually players standing around looking for other players to join their party. I too find that very few people use the dungeon finder.

    BTW what are those red numbers before monster names, I started seeing them after some patch and can't figure it out what they mean :D

    The red number shows how many hunting quests you've completed to the end through all 3 stages, but haven't yet claimed the rewards for completing the 3rd stage. You can tell which ones you haven't claimed because they'll show a brown/gold bag next to it.

    Tip: You can retry the last step of each hunting quest one time.

    Actualy, you can retry the last step numerous times. After you Retry the first time, you can retry it again each week.

    I don't know that Lumena needs to be account wide. Aren't most of the items able to be mailed to other toons on your account? Or are they bind upon acquire?

    What I WOULD like to see account wide (or same server account wide) is Dungeon Points.

    actually shrug = /show off

    Actually it's just /show. It will work if you use "/show off", because everything after the space is ignored when it's parsed. After the parse, whether you use "/show" or "/show off", all the parser passes along is "/show".

    1) There is fail stacking, but nowhere near as gruesome as games like BDO utilize. And it's transparent. You actually get to see the percentage chance listed before you pull the trigger. As well, it's transparent how to increasea your chances. ie.. You'll not only see your base chance percentage, but you'll also see how the mats you're using boost that chance. It's much more forgiving compared to other MMO's.

    2) You can boost your gear from the outset. But realistically you really don't need to until you level cap since you'll quickly outgrow the earlier gear quickly. You can find/craft/buy better stuff along the way to level cap. Boosting your gear before level 45 is a waste.

    3) Never paid much attention to the fees. They're insignificant enough that I really don't concern myelf with it compared to other games where it's a big issue. The market automatically chooses the max/min prices you can list. Taking into account the current stock of items you're trying to sell (sometimes the min price is bumped up because there are too many items listed lower, so bumps the min listing price so that it's never stuck perpetually at a low price).

    4) Professions are 2 categories and each character/toon gets to choose 1 from each category. Main professions are Armorsmith, Echantment, and Handiwork. Sub/Secondary professions are Cooking/Alchemy. They're extremely useful. As for profitable... somewhat, but not extremely so. A dedicated lifeskiller toon isn't going to get rich.

    5) I wouldn't consider Taming a lifeskill, as everybody gets it by default, and there's no selling your pets/mounts (that I've seen anyway). Aside from taming, those I listed in #4 are the only lifeskills.

    6) Nope, no trading like you are probably referring to in BDO.

    7) It's not pay to win. Despite what some people claim. At worst, it could be called Pay to Progress Faster. That's about it. And even then, you can earn cash shop currency just by playing the game and not have to pay cash.

    Yea, as a ranger in 1v1 we're gonna lose pretty much every match up except in two instances; Ranger v Ranger and Ranger v Zerk... other than that we're pretty much fighting with our hands tied behind our backs... The only place that Rangers shine when it comes to PvP right now is Group.. During 15v15 and World-PvP (especially the other day on Tanara with the Invasions) playing a ranger feels almost as it should. And is actually fun.. Though the class is lacking in many area's, and needs some reworking, at least we are 100% useless \o/

    Yup. I actually shine with my Ranger in the 15v15. But in 1v1 my Ranger sucks rocks. The only time I have a chance in 1v1 is if it's against another Ranger or a Zerk, and even then it comes down to who hit who first. And since I'm not a ganker/vulture to hit first an unsuspecting enemy, I'm typically the loser 3 out of 4 times.

    Players gravitate towards smaller races for the same reason female toons are popular even among male players. It's just more fun to pick a race/gender that portrays a fun to watch attitude.

    The muscular male toons in fanstatical stories are just so cliche, and thus boring to consume in this day and age. But choose an avatar with some awesome to watch attitudes, and it makes the game much more enjoyable.

    As for tactical advantages in game, no real advantage. Even if you play a tiny toon, Tab-Targeting makes them easy to target, and your skills do all the aiming for you. And even if you target with your mouse cursor, the targeting box around a small toon is the same size as all the other toons that are larger in visual appearance. So it's not like you have to have sharp vision to mouse target a tiny toon, as you only need to target in close proximity to hit their targeting box.

    I haven't dabbled into the 4th stance at all (on any of my toons), and I think most others aren't dabbling much yet either until the next balance update which is "supposed" to come out sometime this week.

    Mainly because spending sapphires into the 4th stance is severely limited after spending them on the first 2 stances. And not many players want to spend their skill reset scrolls until the balance patches are done with so as not to waste them.

    Until then, most people are swearing by a predominately Fire/Mixed (stances 1 and 2) build, with a focus on Fire in both stances.

    Get your recipes from your armorsmith master in your capital town. Be forewarned, they cost dungeon points. At lvl 45 armor pieces, it takes a lot of dungeon points to acquire them. So you're gonna need to generate dungeon points either from running dungeons or hunting quests. But then too, many of the armor pieces require mats looted from the dungeon bosses. Only 2 pieces don't require dungeon mats to craft.

    So don't rely upon hunting quests to learn the recipes, as you'll also need the mats that you can only get via running dungeons.

    The damage is good for pve Id like to see the stance switch buff timer increased from 3 seconds to may 10seconds so you can complete the full skill tree before it runs out in the first shot. Same goes for the buffs for ranger 3 seconds is useless just like our pvp is useless.

    10 seconds may be a bit much. And probably a bit annoying. Nothing drives me crazy more than mouse view buttons not working if you attempt to initiate it over the chain UI overlay which is abnormally large for the data it provides.

    Mages have an insanely long time to initiate their stance/chain sequence. To the point I find it annoying when my target is dead, and try to use mouse-look to search for my next target.

    I DO agree that Rangers need a little more time. Perhaps 1 or 2 seconds more. Only because some of our 3rd chain skills animation time surpasses the chain timer. Though the last patch did improve it significantly, there are still a couple 3rd chain skills that don't end until after the chain timer is up. Drives me nuts when I switch stances, and I see the animation continuing past the chain timer, and there's no animation cancelling (that I've seen anyway).

    10 seconds though I think would be too much.