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    • Welcome. Honestly I have no idea, Im giving bless a break for a couple months. I'll return when it's a little more smoothed out because jeez was wading through the launch rough. But feel free to have lots of fun without me.

        • yeah honestly now I've played through this release and am now wading through the aftermath of the fallout... it's horrible. I can't do raids and dungeons because no-one is online running them. I too am in the AUS time zone and I can't do the PVP. (why the **** would you time gate pvp?) so basically... Bless has no content for me right now. I log in to literally stand in town begging for companions to run a dungeon. I'm sad too because the game was so much fun on release when people were there...

          For now I'm actually playing the alpha of star citizen and having loads of fun. It's sad that a mid development alpha for a game is more fun than a released game.

          I hope something happens to turn that around but right now it looks to be too little, too late.

            • I want them to get rid of the split servers and roll everyone into a mega server. No cross server stuff. Just one big server. With everyone on it. So people on dead servers keep their characters and it encourages those who don't want to reroll on Tanara to come back and they can get involved in the shenanigans.

                • I doubt it, as it's technically not even fully released yet.

                  And it's part of the fun! I've been playing for the opposite reason. I prefer pvp to learning mechanics or gathering stuff.

                  If it's red, it's dead.

                    • I got mine back during that patch too. They're in your account inbox ready to claim on any character you choose. Make sure it's the correct one though because they've said multiple times and as a friend of mine found out. They will not reissue them to another character now.

                        • I was here seems not unlocking. The description is "Registered before/during Early Access launch". Right now is Early Access but I dont get it -.-

                          marsHm311oW. That particular achievement is for the EA launch that ended on the 30th of may. While it is EA now, the launch of EA is over.

                            • yes the game has optimization issues but other than on the flight paths this has been really minimal to me. To the point that personally I honestly think it's been blown out of proportion, Bless runs smoother for me than WoW did upto Cata and is alot more fun. Also the devs have been listening and fixing quite quickly. This has been a wonderful effort on their part. They're showing full commitment and passion to make this game happen. Which is better than alot of MMO launches.

                              And the game itself is enjoyable and fun and the community for the most part has been helpful and interactive.

                                • I thought assassin and mystic were due to be released with the full release of the game in a few months