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    • Solitude is a medium to large-sized progression guild looking for new members to join our family, so we highly encourage members to join and participate in our Discord (voice or text) and in the guild chat. We currently recruiting Berserkers and Guardians but even if you arent any of those two classes and want to join our guild just whisper any from the officers below :) 

      Our Goal:

      To create a helpful tight-knit community of players who are interested in improving and getting better at their class/classes, while getting to know each other!

      About Us:

      - Primary Language: English

      - Supported Languages (some officers speak these languages fluently): French, Spanish; must be willing to communicate in English

      - PvP AND PVE focused.

      - Regardless of current skill we're willing to train and teach mechanics of multiple classes (many of us play or have played more than one class).

      Who are we looking for?

      - Highly-skilled at loafing and laid-back, fun people who are open to learning and doing dungeons with us!

      - Please have the attitude to improve regardless of your current skill level~

      - Any level! Preferably 45, or plan to be 45 so we can drag you to end-game dungeons!! (And we can die repeatedly together until we all learn it!!!)

      - Any class is welcomed! More tank and healer mains are always appreciated~. But play what you want (don't feel forced to do either of these roles)!

      - Open to constructive criticism if you are interested in higher-end dungeons

      - Players that will participate in guild chat and/or discord (voice or text). We are partially a social guild after all!


      Contact any of the officers if you want more information:




        • He is the final boss in the Kobold Hideout ( LVL 37 Dungeon)
          if you are looking for him for the material to craft the lvl37 blue gear you cant since it is bugged atm

            • To put this down there is no bad and good build. And certainly you don’t have a better build mr crusty. He is trying his own way and maybe is decent for him. Acceleration doesn’t seem so bad I am not saying it works but looks interesting to test out

                • Is this working at all ? I am currently searching of a pvp build viable for wars since I am static is doing good there. I was tho more of AOE kinda of build. But that looks Interesting. I just don’t know how to fill about decapitate buffed up since you have to charge it to hit hard and it’s lindane impossible at war to do that

                    • I'm level 12, and I actually put points in unjust strike too. My gear score is of course low (1100+ I think) but I have to do that combo you mentioned and stance switch to do another to drop 1-2 mobs. Where is the zerker self heal?

                      there is not a skill that Self heals us at all but you could spec some of our non-chain abilities to heal on use like roll. But at your level sorry but you have to man up and level up because you are way too low unlock most of the skills.

                        • And you obviously didnt read a word I said.

                          Compared to other classes who got nerfed aswell, zerks damage is fine. everyone got nerfed, not zerk alone.

                          I am not here to argue my friend I just put my honest opinion. And don’t get me wrong never said that we are the only class nerfed. You are the one who miss understood me.

                            • Actually the guide would be very appreciated since we don’t have nothing solid for our class.

                                • The damage is fine in pve, what are you smoking (compared to other classes with the overnerfed damage)

                                  Zerk pvp is what makes it weak sauce since they took away the 2nd stun

                                  Well my friend the damage at the pve is nerfed to the ground sorry but that’s the reality. It’s not normal from day another to reduce the damage for like 70%. Sorry but if you don’t get it, you are the one who smoke stuff

                                    • Well I really didn’t want to do that. I really do dig zerks. I always pick them when I get a chance. I love that class maybe it’s not the most mobile nor the most with cc-chains tho still I enjoy them. So when I heard that there is a class like this in that I was sure I want to try them out even main them. It was fun it was interesting with that new combat system. It was something new something fresh. So I made one and at the moment I am sitting at level 40. I get it the damage was too op blah blah boohoo!!! Ok nerf I am ok with that. I am ok since you really try to fix the game issues. But well how to put it politely. Hmm we are trash!! Dont get me wrong they change This they change that. They made pvp more viable ok nice. But I am not a pvp player. Not my thing. I honestly think i will reroll?? Am I only one in that place??? Some feedback would be appreciated

                                        • Thanks, I'm not giving up. Question: right now I'm level 12, so I can't progress to the next main quest. Where should I look for side quests to level up? I did a bunch in horsemane, but I'm not sure where else to go. Thanks in advance.

                                          You have to farm dogs outside of the village that you are now. It’s just a hunt quest you need like 60 and then you can progress with the main quest. Cheers