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    • Yup. I actually shine with my Ranger in the 15v15. But in 1v1 my Ranger sucks rocks. The only time I have a chance in 1v1 is if it's against another Ranger or a Zerk, and even then it comes down to who hit who first. And since I'm not a ganker/vulture to hit first an unsuspecting enemy, I'm typically the loser 3 out of 4 times.

      That last sentence.. I know the feeling -.-

        • for pvp right now you want your ranger to be in a group, maybe in the middle so it's harder to be targeted with enough other players around. or you want to make sure you get the first shot from an odd angle so they have to look around to find you and get a head start on your 6-chain. you're pretty much screwed when an enemy catches up to you though and it's pretty easy for them to run away if they want. you can spank, but not tank or chase very well at all. smoke bomb can slow them for 15% movement speed if you are close enough though, and i think Locate can turn into a short burst of speed for you and your party if you gem it that way.

          Damn true.. 1vs1 I feel like i'm really lacking as a ranger. We can burst a little.. but there's not enough CC to truely kite a player.. and we're definitely squishy in taking blows.

          Not enough concentration either.. we blow it so damn fast and then you're stuck...

          Hunters/archers/rangers.. are supposed (usually) pvp kings in solo duels... it feels like the complete contrary now. We're more like support dps in a pvp group.

            • Welcome Crusty,

              Enjoy the retirement and have fun playing!

              P.S. What kind of dog do you have? :)

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                • Is there a timeline for the Assassin? I don't even understand why the loot is dropping. It's not like we can trade it anyway?

                  Because the devs are too lazy to remove the content from the loot-tables. Or rather not competent enough to do so. They merely copy pasted the game and launched it.

                    • Blessing and Our Broken stances BOOM MIND BLOWN RIGHT. But seriously paladin Solo open world PvP sucks when fighting a equally gears/skilled player atm and plz don't roll up in this thread saying paladins our OP and need a nerf because you probably don't know all of our stances have been broken sense launch. Our healing stances are locked out of half there combos for solo PvP because of blessing and you not being able to target yourself with it Like Jesus come on now. And our Main PvP stance dose not have the correct passive buffs on it so when you have to swap to healing stance you dont get the 30% magic and physical dmg mitigation to at least slow down the incoming dmg on top of that like i mentioned before blessing not being able to be caste on yourself so we lose access to our shield buff. In a nutshell when a paly is force to switch to healing stance they are at their weakest and a good relentless amount silence/stun will ruin it. Any way rant off any one else frustrated with blessing and a broken Interruption stance sigh.

                      "Shoulder pat"

                      But you're still OP tho ;)

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                        • Indeed. For a more recent example :

                          It was the same with Revelation Online which got released in the EU while some of the quests were still in Chinese (no idea if it was mandarin or cantonese) so you had no fucking idea what to do or it was broken. I can tell you that their launch was more horrible. :p

                          I never had a flawless MMO launch and I am playing since the days of Ultima Online. Why do people keep expecting everything has to be 100% perfect.... the last few decennia I learned to accept it never will be flawless.

                          ^ +1

                          So damn true. People need to be realistic with their expectations.

                            • Besides the issues with the launch/the balance.. it's pretty normal.

                              First week is always a huge amount of players ALL playing. Then it halves bec ppl start going back to their normal life rhythem.

                              About the low droprate in dungeons... I think it's fine, it doesn't have to be a theme-park mmo where you get your loot without effort.

                              I think I only crashed once so far.. and that was on launch day, game feels very stable for me.

                              With patience this game will polish itself up.. and we'll have a stable player count that didn't quit after 1 little setback.

                                • I go for increased skill damage myself.

                                  I use other means to increase my crit rate to a reasonable level (stability and crit stats bumped with gear and spirits, stance conversions, and selecting skills with an inherent bonus to crit). The tricky part is getting all your armor pieces to have the Lion and/or Crow rune patterns (preferrably Lion since it boost both crit and fighting power). If you have a toon with the armorsmith profession, it makes it a bit easier though you may find yourself crafting the same piece repeatedly until you get one with the rune pattern you want. I try to get at least 5 pieces with the Lion/Owl pattern for crit spirit runes. And 1 or 2 pieces with Wolf/Owl patterns (preferrably Wolf as it is both crit and fighting power) so I can boost the Hit rate.

                                  I'm gonna call you Mr. Knowledgeable from now on.