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    • So the DX9 on win10 is causing the load screen issue?

      i am not 100% sure, but i get no notification of dx9 booting and my launcher receives a crash, whilst my friends gets a dx9 notification and everything loads up fine. i think there might be an issue with dx9 compatibility on some rigs, since we both use a gtx970 with 16gb ram and all the drivers are updated to the latest versions. also the loading screen bug is something i did not experience yet, still i can still not launch my game without forcing it to do so, which doesn't work very good xD. just to trigger an error finally.

      • FK this sht!! for 40 euros it should have worked flawlessly! i paid 15 euros for BDO and it worked great....

        nice rage you got there. please just refund the game via steam if you have no patience and move on. there are tutorials for that. ;)

          • Reinstall to fix this issue. i got it also, i tried everything but kept crashing upon launch.
            reinstall and play on border-less window it will set resolution on auto

            i highly doubt that just reinstalling will fix that issue, since i even set up a rebooted clean version of win 10, including a setup with directx 9 + steam + bless only. no antivirus or anything.

              • Bah - i feel like i have a stable install (i haven't crashed yet due to errors - knock on wood). I am going to wait for the helpdesk response for now.

                i was experiencing fps issues in a whole bunch of games, which were based on some windows 10 update - nvidia experience - vodoo stuff, which was fixed by setting up a new version of win 10. i have now tried a few ways of installing dx9 to win10 which works fine, since you can trigger a similar issue trying to play some old games on win 10. but sadly dx9 on win 10 doesn't launch when you start up bless. i have got 3 mates who can play bless atm, but on each's pc dx9 seems to boot up instantly as you launch the game.

                it's like a psychic childhood trauma of getting that good old - could not be launched - error message. heartbreaking in some way XD

                  • I will try a fresh install this evening. I will post if that fixes it.

                    just save that time, it's not gonna change anything, i even rebooted my entire rig including all drivers and programs.

                    still same thing, it must be an engine issue some rigs can handle and some that don't. i still think it's like a direct x error.

                    maybe this can help you guys, if i try to force-start it, this pops up.

                    • so reinstalling the game does not change a thing, neither you install it do ssd or hdd, same thing for me still. even tried downloading and installing it again with my antivirus off.


                          you can place support tickets here.

                          dxdiag data is essential for the devs to help you.

                          hit start, windows search, search for dxdiag, run it, and make it save your diag

                          to your desktop so you can send it to em.

                          you're welcome :)

                            • i'm sitting in that same boat. just in case nobody checked that, and its still just a thought. the devs want people whomst've got issues to send their dxdiag data with the ticket, and i read Bless is using DX9. is there some kind of common issue inbetween dx 11/12 and dx9?

                                • hi everyone.

                                  yesterday i downloaded BO entirely without any issues during the download or installation phase.

                                  when i first tried to it start up, i got a small loading screen which said 40% but the game client / launcher

                                  didn't start up at all. i tried to fix some stuff, and can skip the launcher by opening Bless_BE as an

                                  administrator, but the screen that comes up stays black and this error is displayed.

                                  edit: forgot to mention the Bless_exe (3x) only pops up in tast manager after shutting

                                  down steam.

                                  pls help.