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    • Hi All, looking to join a guild on NA server gagato. Any guilds out there have a good number of Aussie players? Looking so can have people on a similar time zone. I just started yesterday - have a level 11 guardian and level 10 mage :)

        • I’m really enjoying my guardian. Only level 11 and playing on a pretty old pc, so using graphic/video setting 1. Some buildings and players take a while to generate, but combat has been fluid enough for me to enjoy the game. A little worried my performance will suffer when start doing group dungeons/raids, so will prob need to upgrade if decide to get into the end of game content.

            • Yeah no worries. Feel free to add me as a friend. I have only started playing today. Have a level 10 mage named Weemage and a level 4 guardian named Tanker.