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    made ahuge differnece for me ... although since I have;

    reverted back to compatibility mode back to window 10 / i have told steam to verify all game files again ...

    Since doing this my game hasn't cut out every 60-120 mins of play

    Press ESC - Interface - Top left, change to Key Settings - Left list, click "Action Bar" - Read Stance Conversion - Click it and bind to whatever key you like, if you bind it to Tilde, for some reason you will see a backslash as a symbol. Test your tilde key and it will work :) Hopefully :D


    Ok So thought id update everyone on the issues as I seem to experience them all just about...

    Update: LAG/FPS Issue - FIXED (note: standard MMO hesitation still exists but it is so minimal who cares)

    Random Crashing - NO longer shutting pc down but still exits game when this happens

    random freeze - fixed with CTRL+ALT+DEL= open task manager then close and go back to game

    Market place not loading - just close and reload until it does

    so im running an AMD FX8320 - OC'd at 4GHZ / 16GB Fury X Ram / 1060-3GB

    So I have since tried fixes such as;

    Game client after about an Hour to 90mins would just close: / but most of the time my pc would crash saying some .dll file mem dumped...

    as per attached picture

    MY PC>right click go properties > under ADVANCED tab > startup and recovery > settings > under "system failure and write debugging info hit the drop down and change to " small memory dump 256k > OK

    restart PC after this - game should no longer cause actual PC to crash - atleast it hasn't with mine since.

    LAG/FPS issue NVIDIA PEOPLE!: I met someone in game who mentioned this and despite unreal3 engine not supporting this whatever it changes...made my game beautiful!

    basically you go to your games folder

    Install > Steamapps > Common > Bless Online > Engine > Config > BaseSystemSettings.ini - open in notepad

    hit CTRL+F - type opengl youll get a line that says opengl-false or something like that

    type =True

    make sure you have it exact its case sensitive... save

    now open down bottom right Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3d Settings

    set it to Bless.exe go down to OPENGL and select your graphics card from the drop down menu and save it all ...

    RESTART YOUR PC and begin playing... the first time i logged into the game after this it was choppy for a good 5 mins then smooth as day ever since...

    RANDOM FREEZE - If someone has a better fix i'd love to know - my fix - CTRL+ALT+DELETE > Open Task manager > then jsut close it and alt-tab back to the game and it unfreezes ... if i leave it itll stay frozen until i get a DC message or my screen will flash occasionally and then it all comes back ... the task manager seems to fix this immediately and let me go back to playing ...

    this may happen 10 times in 10minutes or not at all for the night... but usually its the first few log ins for me...

    Market Place NOT LOADING - Every time i go to the market place without fail it loads up a white box with nothing... have tried letting this sit for over an hour to no avail... close Marketplace and open again and it should just load in ... have had to close an open a few times but should come up within 10secs of clicking...


    Im hoping this may help any others with similar issues...

    I havnt lodged a ticket for any of these as id assume im not the only one...

    theres a button i forget what it said but it was like share or give or something you need to hit that and then it goes to your inventory

    Anyone worked out if you can trade items amongst friends / parties when in dungeons or just on the map in general ?

    Im playing with a friend and we'd love to take advantage of the crafting and trade with each other with what we dont have ... ie; make him armor sets etc...

    Yep, for me the game keeps crashing after about 90 mins. The reason is that on some systems (it doesn´t do it on my laptop) the thread count keeps increasing to a point where the system can´t handle it anymore.
    Already made a ticket an got the reply that it´s a known problem with some systems and they are kinda working on it but they also don´t know which components/drivers are causing it.

    My fix is that i just restart the game every hour.

    haha I have the same fix - game crashes - open again and go again...

    What Processor you running? Ive got AMD FX O'C'd to 4ghz

    have to agree - So far im enjoying it - despite the issues I've had... tonight was my best run yet - sure the 1st dungeons easy but maybe the next one or later ones will get harder... I found the combat to be a bit of a learning curve - but as of tonight im fairly confident ive got it down pat getting 8 hit combo in was fun usually mobs been die'ing on me before i can get there!