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    • It won’t fully convert wisdom into intelligence, but the conversion buff and passive buff from stances will add it based on your wisdom score, yeah. Which is...definitely not how it’s supposed to work >o<

      the deves took the easy way out and switched the text of the two stances now and i don't know how to feel about it now but you know what screw it.

        • Celestial shield is only suppose to be used for your self and the tank and only if have you have high amounts of block because the shield itself works off the block stat and the secondary stats for block called block absorption. The more you put into the shield the greater the dmg from a single attack its can take aka tanks busters its not meant to protect you for the full duration only for few powerful attacks. On that note sacrifice is a 300 mana stance meaning its a stance designed to be used with little to no mana that's why its energy skill boost regen rate instead of just shooting it back to you. Also the sacrificial plea ability dose not need a nerf its limited only to party members not allies outside a raid group and and you cannot be healed while channeling it so casting Hots on your self before casting will not work this skill can also be LoLsed if your allies aren't careful

            • Juust a bit of Info you can lower the number of owl runes to just 2 and put in 2 more hawk or two other runes of your choice 100 hits should get to were you have good enough hit for you dots to land in dungeons. and slotting more block or acceleration may be the better way to go

                • I really do wish blessing was self castable, but at the same time if that were to happen we would need to be nerfed into the ground as we would be unstoppable. I'm happy with the current state of 1v1 I think we appear far too strong against inexperienced players, but for someone that knows what they are doing we are very killable but still competitive.

                  If we need to be nerfed then let it be there already screaming nerf right now any way i want us to function properly and atm we aren't ya dig

                    • The problem is our heal stances and blessing. Also intturuptions passive being swaped with protection passive not our dps

                        • Even if FP boost the block rate i will still advertise AP over it because AP hits both are main dps skills the Dots and our healing from spells and if your not running a healing stance along side a dps stance then your a gimped pally imho

                            • Protection/Healing Tactics are worthless in pvp you get no chain in protectors making it a useless tactics to use but its the best AoE dps stance we have when used properly in PvE. What kills us in solo PvP is Blessing not being able to self target and Interruptions passive being swapped with protectors if these two problems were fixed the paladin would be in a good spot because we would be able to actually do something if we were able to cast celestial armor on ourselves we could heal up and go on a more aggressive offensive currently once were in heal stance were forced to bunker down and prey they let up dmg long enough switch back and chain them down again.

                                • Blessing and Our Broken stances BOOM MIND BLOWN RIGHT. But seriously paladin Solo open world PvP sucks when fighting a equally gears/skilled player atm and plz don't roll up in this thread saying paladins our OP and need a nerf because you probably don't know all of our stances have been broken sense launch. Our healing stances are locked out of half there combos for solo PvP because of blessing and you not being able to target yourself with it Like Jesus come on now. And our Main PvP stance dose not have the correct passive buffs on it so when you have to swap to healing stance you dont get the 30% magic and physical dmg mitigation to at least slow down the incoming dmg on top of that like i mentioned before blessing not being able to be caste on yourself so we lose access to our shield buff. In a nutshell when a paly is force to switch to healing stance they are at their weakest and a good relentless amount silence/stun will ruin it. Any way rant off any one else frustrated with blessing and a broken Interruption stance sigh.