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    Gratz on your first mmo launch. 2 the founders pack is the base game ($30) plus the month long sub ($10) its easily still worth the money. it just you've never been through an mmo launch to know that ques are standard even for AAA titles, here an example... every world of warcraft xpac, guild wars one and two and their xpacs, Rift all its xpac, ad infinitum this isn't new. If its not your first mmo launch then you SERIOUSLY don't learn the first time.

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    the only trophies you need to display are the severed tongues of your enemies on your favorite arcane tomes, so it is spoken.

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    *drops loyal servant of vecna persona*

    If you look at the premium membership as a package of items/boost from the store versus a single monthly payment, it really starts to set in the fact it's not p2w. If I were able to throw 300 dollars and have an advantage over everyone who spent sure p2w. However, upon closer inspection the truth is revealed it's a set price with set bonuses. You don't get mad when you order your meal from whatever fast food you eat (if any) and some one orders a large. Both are comparable because both benefits are finite, you have your allotted fries (for the month) he has his allotted fries (for the month). The restaurant (cash shop) also has add on options for both eater (players). I'm not going to pay for a shiney box(cosmetics) for my fries. If all the have are cosmetic incentives they will lose money making and developing new money making opportunities in the form of shiny fry box's that not many people buy. Leading to the restaurant closure. Persons may be vain(want cosmeticsl, but people want substance(small bonuses).

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    This so called Holy Empire, Hieron. Any news as to the god they serve? Any answer other than the maimed one is tantamount to building their castles on sand. If they do indeed serve Vecna may they prosper though I hold little hope that this is in fact the case. First off, they consider themselves holy, weak self imposed values. Secondly, everything is so bright and open the secretive one would not be please. Any information to the pretender to the throne would be much appreciated.

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