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    • I hope channels hop, ATM, 5 Server in NA and most of the guild's player are in different server, this will be problem,
      I don't want to play on dead server, :(

      As I mention above, NOW I would like to request Bless Team analysis the activity of server and merge the few activity server and make Player more enjoyable, I'm at NA Murabi server and now server become lass active, most of the player went to Tanara.

      Pls Make the game more enjoyable.


        • Main propose for Switch stance is to make 6 combo chain and gain additional damage bonus + Recover Concentration, about the skill, some skill have same name but different effect/after effect, I think those make game more interest.


            • I join a lot RvR, Try to do 6 combo, but It hard to make, Reason??

              1. in lated patch note show (only miss will break the combo chain) other immune, dodge, resist are not.) but all my experience got all type of those are still break the change. It's is the rare change of 6 combo, I m lvl 45 ranger with 45+7 Bow, 37+5 blue armor and purple Accessories, I put most of my ability point to dmg, stability, hit ( combat related passive)
              2. Attack/Skill Range - Yes.. max of ranger with stance bonus like like 20+2m or 3m (Not sure) and some skill in my combo hv 15m range.
                so need to close to enemy, there is no 1v1 battle, this is RvR, how I can close to group of enemy without Gurd & Pally backup. So, I break the chain.
              3. Current dmg bonus - 2nd chain give 20% dmg, 3rd 4th 5th give 50% and 6th 80%, so best hope for Ranger is 3rd change 50% dmg..
                But I keep swapping the stance, coz it give Concentration recover.

              Please share your experiences, sorry for my bad english.

              Best Regards,

              [SLG] kOth | Sylvan Elf | NA - Murabi

                • Me too, + I also use steady Concentration it help alot in PvP.
                  for Skill growth, do you go damage or fatal chance?( I thinks this will be crit chance)

                    • Hello There,

                      I'm huge fan of Archer/Ranger, I played Archer/Ranger since PWI, than when I play ESO, I go Bow PvP build.

                      Now, Bless Out, EA Lunch face a lot of Issue and Server Problems. I felt like it's not bad for EA.

                      Due to Skill Rework and News Combat System I would like to start Thread about Ranger Skill Build FAQ.

                      Thanks advance for your Contribution.

                      1. Which Stance should I choose for First Stance & Second Stance for PVP, PvE ( Dung, Boss Ride) and WHY?
                      2. Which Non Stance Skill Should I use?
                      3. What Fatal Chance Means?(Now Skill description correct to Crit Chance) Should I go Crit Chance or Increase Damage in Skill Growth
                      4. What is your fav combo for PvP?
                        My Current Combo (Use in just 5 x OW PvP fight and RvR : ND> Focus Attack > 2>TT(Switch stance) 3,TT(Switch Stance)*Incase of enemy close) 1, TT
                      5. Please which Pet Skill should use in PvP
                      6. What is the basic understanding (or) role of Ranger In PvP, 3v3, Open World, GvG, RvR.


                      kOth, Ranger, S-Elf, NA-Murabi, Guild-less