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    • If his comment doesn't apply to you then don't take offense. I don't think anything they said was in any way "flaming" as that requires them to be singling out a user. As far as the rest of your comment that's completely on you if you can't handle going back in time with tab-targeting, the reason why I stopped following this game so closely is because of the fact it was originally marketed as tab-target and then later announced having action combat. You can't honestly expect everything the other regions have during Early Access or during Headstart, I'm not sure of their reasoning for removing and I'm sure they've commenting on it somewhere but if you're getting this worked up maybe you should take a step back and read what you wrote and listen to how ridiculous you sound, lol, you're making yourself fit the picture Hadan was painting about the casual populace of the MMO community.

      I didn't start playing MMOs until 2009~2010 and although it sucked I couldn't buy B2P or afford P2P as a teen and my mom wouldn't fund it for me I just sucked it up and played F2P games until I could afford to get them, but the majority of the community want so much for free because of the market being riddled with shitty F2P Asian MMOs because people are in an entitled mindset that they deserve everything they want for nothing. I have no empathy for those people.

      First of all...devs showed videos with a combat system remake, that combat system is not the same we have ingame. Can call it "Early Access" or "False Advertising". I don't think combat system is a small think, my only reason to buy this game is the open world pvp and combat system. And of course I don't like totally arrogant comments like "I'm oldschool, if you don't think like me you are a cry baby" or "I say what things are important and what not".


        • Pretty much....allow neowiz to work through the important issues atm like server stability, lag issues, freezing screens etc etc for these next two weeks as more players join then they can focus on enabling another combat style or fixing X problem. There isn't many mmorpgs out there currently that is worth a damn but ita people like the ones in this threead who play it and trash it cause one small thing is disabled atm. Look at the stram reviews currently....everyone trashing the game for the above reasons about server stability etc etc. What game in the history of releases has had a 100% success rate. Ssdly in today's gaming world 14-18 year olds are cry babies if it isnt fancy as nd shiny. Any oldschool mmorpg player understands these issus are normal. If you guys cant wait 1-2 weeks and allow neowiz the time to fix the big problems that's currently hurting their game's reputation then simply dont play it lol.

          OFC the combat system is a minor thing without importance (sarcasm).
          You treat people like babies whithout know something about them, I'm old school and I don't want to play a (supposed) action mmorpg doing clicks like when I started playing mmos 20 years ago. If you want to be respected maybe you should respect others, ingame you can do what you want (or try to do) but this forum secion is not to flame, if you want to be respected maybe you should respect others (at least here).
          Maybe you should search in the dictionary for some word definitions like empathy or egocentrism. You totally lack one and have plenty of the other.

            • Hey if you dont like it go back to swiping a credit card win in bdo o7

              We don't care if you don't like action combat like you don't care if we like it. We are not claiming to delete your combat style, just claiming to add to the options menu the oportunity to choice the same combat style they showed us on videos.

              Peace and love!