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    • Is there any plan for the future of the Bless UI to be more flexible when it comes to keybinds? Right now we can replace chain-action keys with a single key but we can't change them to have Alt in there for some reason. Chain key #1 for example I can change to virtually any key including Ctl+1, but I can't use Alt at all! For years I've used Alt+1, Alt+2, etc and it seems very odd that I can't use that as a keybind. Any info on how to add this option outside of the UI and/or any future plans for the devs doing it would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

        • Here we are on day 2 and I still get stuck on the load screen for NA servers. I can log into EU servers every time without any issue but the problem is that I'm a NA player. Is there a fix for this any time soon?

            • Head start? I've yet to get into the game for more than a couple of minutes before it went into maintenance and now I can't get in at all...

                • Soooo, back here after the emergency fix and STILL stuck on load screen. I managed to get into the game from the .exe file before the patch and now I can't even do that. Any ideas?

                    • This is a tough one as I've seen both instanced and open housing fail in so many games. Eq2 had instanced housing that lead to guild halls which ultimately lead to the complete and utter lack of player interaction within the game. This was especially true once all of the instanced housing/guild halls had the same amenities that you once had to run to the open world to use. FFXIV also failed miserably with their open (kind of instanced but still open world housing). If there were 80 Plots of land to purchase, there were literally only 80 people who could get housing. 80 people from millions of subscribers is unfair at best. If you weren't one of the first 80 people on after the patch day at 2am, you weren't getting a house. I would also be very weary of guild halls that give players the option to avoid all contact with the open world and other players. What I like to call "guild hall farming" ruins the whole point of MMORPG's for me.

                      My Ideal Housing Situmation

                      I would honestly like to see an open area of housing that the DEV's designed with a variety of neighborhoods and unique housing styles and templates. Once you find the style and location of the house you like you simply purchase it and you're taken to your own instance that you can decorate and what not. The catch is that there isn't a limited number of houses in this area - I.E. once 80 people purchase the 80 separate houses there are no more. Rather, there are 80 separate home styles with an infinite number of instances for any number of players to purchase. This is winner winner chicken dinner for all in my eyes. Each player can purchase a unique house they can decorate, place unused items in, make youtube vids, etc in!

                      Any thoughts on this? :)

                        • Hello everyone,

                          I have been waiting for the release of this game for quite some time now. I'm excited to be apart of the community and early access/live launch. I have played several MMORPG's starting with UO, EQ, EQ2, WoW (short lived), FFXIV, GW2, and just about every other MMO released lol. After nearly 15 years of EQ I have yet to find a game that can keep me interested and engaged; I'm very hopeful that will change with Bless. If you're a gamer like myself you may have known me as Drelo, Oreo, Oriell, or Pounding in any of the aforementioned games.

                          I really look forward to seeing some of you in game!

                            • I'm so happy about the looks of the combat gameplay in this game. I've played Eq, Eq2, WoW, FFXIV, GW2, and a slew of other games. I think FFXIV has the best combat system (with the exception of how extremely slow the GCD is) and I see a bit of that in this game. Personally, I love tab targeting with the option of mouse targeting (not even sure if that's an option in this game). Sometimes i just want to lazy tab target and others I want to mouse it up and be proactive. I really look forward to trying it out for the first time.

                                • Bold Predictions:

                                  Founders will get a 72 hr lead starting on May 11th ( Surprise from the devs to us for being awesome & supporting this lovely game )

                                  Early access will be May 14th ( because who cares what day it releases.. it's early access none the less!)

                                  Everyone else June 1st ( because Friday is an awesome day to start you new game grind!)

                                  Called it here first folks!

                                  Side note- I think the devs should award a dunce cap to whoever gets their predictions right just because that would be an amazing one of a kind addition that no one else could ever have!