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    • Yes, on the first day they took down the servers and re rolled them back 30 minutes before they started receiving a large number of support tickets. Sorry, I can't find the event they posted since the events don't show up in the community hub feed.

      I'm not sure I understand the optimization issues people are having. I have a super beefy computer so I don't have any issues, but my friends are running mid-low spec computers. Both of them have no trouble running the game at full 62 frames. A lot of people seem to misunderstand this, if you only have the minimum specs then set all of your video options to 1. Also make sure that ALL of your computer specs meet minimum, computer parts can't make up for other parts... that's not how it works.

      I actually have over the minimum, I would say mid spec. The fact this game is an older MMO makes me wonder if they even put effort in making it playable.

        • It's not that people start the flame or attack personally. its just funny to me to post a youtube vid with a title saying the game is dead when it is surely not dead. It does have flaws and everything in that nature, but to says it's dead? Far from it. The devs are working on what needs to done to make the players happy. But not all will be happy with any deicision they make lol. The game started off rough and flawed, but there is still room to grow. There are no games out there that are *perfect*, every game has flaws; Bless just had that rough start. If it dies in a few months, well it was fun while it last. If it turns out good and promise, thats great. For me, there was no high expectations on this game, it doesnt blow my mind or anything. It's just a game to enjoy and start something new, rather than playing the *popular* MMOs that have ton of content and will take days to catch up to endgame.

          I clearly forgot a question mark at the end, but why would it make you mad, people can't point an opinion out from a video? I know some of it isn't entirely accurate but still, it still have some good statements and will indeed pull a lot of people off the game.

            • You said your opinions, why do you need to add more to the pot? Oh well, this is getting pointless already. if you dont like the game nor community, then leave. if you do like it, awesome. Otherwise, you starting this up has been a waste. As an adult.

              I never stated I didn't like people in this community. I said I won't return to a bless community again after today because I don't enjoy the game on the JP version and I sure not enjoying the new release. All do respect, calling others posts and opinions pointless, isn't the way to show you are the bigger person. I could ask you the same question why are you here? But I already know that, but I don't point my finger at you.

                • The economy wasn't destroyed because of the duping issue, they fixed that and rolled back the servers. The economy is fine from my experience on the market. Other than that the statement that "many of the large PvP guilds are leaving" isn't quite true either. Many of the large PvP guilds are still kicking my level 17 ass. A good chunk of the other end game content is coming out in 2 weeks, but I suppose he didn't give the game enough time to experience that. He was practically expecting a full game while it was titled Early Access, even if he had stated otherwise beforehand.

                  Yeah it is early access and you can't expect much, but we talking about a game that's been in the east already. They told us that they would fix the combat and some other issues. The optimization is really bad, even running a good graphic card wouldn't help. About the statement "many of the large PvP guilds are leaving" he might know some of the bigger guilds on the EU version, for me I know a good amount of guilds already leaving the game and returning to their respective games, such as GW2 and WOW.

                    • The users in this post are beginning to target each other too much. The forums are suppose to be a place where we can discuss topics between a vast community of opinions, not a place to go back and forth about unimportant points of the conversation, or to attempt to directly offend someone. Please try to discuss the topic more than attempting to start a flame war.

                      Yeah exactly, but we apparently can't discuss anything or have a different opinion than the majority, because most of the people that starts the flame here is the extremists of the community, they will do anything to protect the game, even if they have to start flaming and start on personally attack people.

                        • I hate to even bump a thread like this but all you guys seem to be doing is hate on a game and try to kill it for sheer Shitz an giggles why do mods even put up with threads like this There not productive in any way. How old are you guys you act like this is your first MMO launch grow up to expect a perfect launch is ludicrous simply ludicrous and quite frankly make me feel like you guys are entitled brats.

                          Woah such statement.. Well the reason I posted here was to inform and state my opinion as an adult. But you clearly can't take when someone have a different opinion. You come up with a lot of accusation to what people are, but you don't look in the mirror do you love? I never expected a perfect launch this isn't about launch, this is about the core game. Your post is off the grid and I am dead laughing right now as I am writing this. Sorry love, I hope you find yourself as a loving, fantastic and a mature person, because I have my doubts.

                            • I had tons of respect for LazyPeon until he posted this video it is the most trashy review of a game I have ever seen, literally bashed everything and quite a few things he mentioned were completely incorrect.

                              Which part is incorrect if I may ask?

                                • i was just adding to the conversation, and im not gonna feed a troll.

                                  ill just say you need to relax, id say take a seat but im guessing youve been sitting by your pc for awhile. take a walk mate relax a bit

                                  troll? excuse me, I think you got it wrong.

                                  I am a relaxed person, just stating my opinion.

                                  Lol trying to insult me lad? I do most of my work on my computer, but thanks for the concern.

                                    • Do you even know about Peon? lol. That dude trashed BDO and GW2, then what, like months later he saying those are fun games now. I like how you sum up Bless by showing us a video of someone who is bipolar towards games. Bless has its problems, but oh well. Why can't people play games for fun anymore?

                                      I do know of his previous statements, but he isn't that bipolar, at least he is open about the flaws of the games even if he likes them. I mainly play to have fun, but if I don't find it entertaining then why play it. People playing to have fun right?

                                        • The game is hardly dead with 25k players currently online, and it's 2AM for me so majority of the europeans will be offline now.

                                          Don't get my wrong the game has issues which I'm hoping they resolve, I will stick around.

                                          I've played 40 hours so far so I've got my moneys worth already.

                                          Eventually it will, and where did you get the 25k players, please give the community the source for your claims..

                                            • You know what, he make videos rarely, so I don't really think he begging for views. Only reason you say things like that is because you try to defend a dead game, because you already committed to this game. I do understand that you trying to defended in anyway. But please wake up from your sleep mate, don't you have a higher standards.

                                                • This is good to see. I originally planned on buying tomorrow, but watching some content creators playing worried me to the point that I decided to wait. After seeing they are actually acknowledging their short comings, I'm leaning towards giving it a shot.

                                                  you going to regret buying it, it is going f2p or die out. At least we tried to warn you.

                                                    • I've always had a problem with the monetization structure of Bless, but I never would've thought it would be an unplayable mess.

                                                      Everyone here is disappointed, I'm sure. We all (almost) got scammed together. Glad to get my refund in! I hope you all do the same.

                                                      Same, I have learned my lesson, I won't jump the gun and commit to a game, I don't fully understand and I will never risk that much money on an MMO that isn't worth it. When I saw the prices at first I thought are they trying to milk us fast because they know their game is going to be a disaster.

                                                        • Relax, he just protecting his dream about good game, but they just fucked with us.

                                                          This game is failure, because they didn't solve old problems from other regions (RU,KR,JAP). Performance is still terrible, camera is tragic, translation is bad, UI is very cheap and with 0 freedom, action combat is gone (but they showed us nice videos...) . They sold OLD version and only changed title to WEST. In the end we paid full price for "beta" version.

                                                          I cant agree with all things in Peon videos, but he said sad truth about Bless.

                                                          Lol can't you read, I am completely relaxed..

                                                          Agreed they didn't fix the problems and launched a game that's half done, I agree with most this lads say, he always state his honest opinion even if he get sponsored by a game. I would take his words seriously

                                                            • You can take that video and shove it up your ass you mindless fucking goon, kys, thanks.

                                                              ? I don't get you.. Am I suppose to flame you back? You can either take the information or not I am not forcing you, at this point I am just happy to spread the information out so people actually have a chance to refund this scam of a game.

                                                                • I am very disappointed about the game, and I might quit the community for good and never return to JP server or any bless community what so ever. Bless online steam release was a scam, not much was done with the newer version, the combat isn't even fun, the thing I despite the most is the optimization.

                                                                  Here is a video that will open your eyes more to what has happen after launch:

                                                                  Leave a like and comment in the description, thank you