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    • Currently, they don't support addons. There is also extremely limited UI functionality (can't even resize the UI, so for folks like me who think the icons and modules are far too large, there's nothing we can do about it). I'm definitely hoping they provide us more customization options for the UI long before we get addon support.

      However, given they haven't supported addons at all this far after launch, I don't see addons in the future for BLESS.

        • I'm an MMO-a-holic. I currently have installed TSW/SWL (new issue just launched), GW2, ESO (new chapter comes out soon), GW2, WOW (expansion in August), FFXIV, Revelation Online, Skyforge, RIFT, SWTOR, etc. I cut down from 30+ to about a dozen. I mainly hop to whatever just had a DLC or expansion and enjoy that for a couple months, then hop elsewhere.

            • Does the community see a "VIP" package with a monthly fee or something of the sorts to be pay to win? Just curious is all.

              Originally, the devs wanted to offer a subscription that would provide some minor benefits. I don't think a sub, even at $15/mo, would be P2W if they stick with options similar to TERA or ESO. They've been anti-P2W for several years now.

                • I think ESO offers the best perk of any premium service out there: unlimited crafting mats space with unlimited craft mat stack size.

                  I pay my $15/mo for that alone as it's a massive time saver.

                  Things like 10% more xp/gold/karma/gems, etc. are nice perks that don't really make a huge difference. Free teleporting is a great perk, especially once you're higher level and have opened up much more of the map.

                  More inventory and bank slots are no-brainers.

                  When you start allowing paying players to enter more dungeons, get more loot, etc., then not paying starts to feel like I'm being penalized.

                    • IMO, P2W are things like:

                      1. Being able to buy raid quality gear from a cash shop, skipping the traditional path of obtaining the gear in the first place.

                      2. Only allowing players who buy cash shop items to have access to specific gear slots like capes or jewelry.

                      3. Having cash shop items that allow a single player to train all crafts when free players can only train 1 or 2 professions. Depending on how valuable crafting is and how much time is needed, this often means that mega-crafter has huge advantages over other players who have to swap between multiple characters, leveling them each up individually, etc.

                      4. Mounts and other items that have stats that are higher than what non-paying players have access to (e.g. cash shop mount is +300% speed; in-game mounts cap at 250%).

                      5. Instant-leveling or leveling a few times faster than non-cash shop purchasers.

                      Things like +200% gold are only game-breaking if what you can do with gold means everything. In games like GW2, being uber wealthy with gold doesn't necessarily get you anything a broke player can't have as the best gear/mats are often account bound anyway.

                        • I'd say you'll be disappointed with BLESS.

                          1. You mention PVP on two of your points, may want to skip BLESS. Ultimately, BLESS is a PVP game (which has made me sad from the very start as that's not how it was marketed for the first three or four years). There are not nearly enough dungeons for hardercore PVErs. PVP is forced in all areas after level 30 and you can only avoid that for limited amounts of time after using a potion in the cash shop to turn off your flag. You'll be sucking down potions constantly and still not able to gain 100% immunity for the time you game (because you can't just turn off your flag).

                          2. Crafting is exceptionally...bad. I'm hoping for a full overhaul come May, but I highly doubt that'll happen. Originally, an NPC could do 99% of the crafting a player could and without any of the work outside of gathering mats. (You gave an NPC your mats and it crafted you that item for some gold.)

                          3. Dungeons aren't limited anymore, but there's limited reasons to run them.

                          4. Game is going to be B2P. Originally, they wanted a B2P with optional sub. We'll see if that's what we get.

                            • The GW2 model to me seems pretty fair. It could be argued that having permanent gathering tools is a nice advantage, but it's definitely not P2W. However, you can literally buy gold through cash and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

                              Is the ability to buy gold/gems with cash a welcome edition? Most of the most desired items are bound to your account anyway, so just being extremely rich doesn't have the same kind of weight as with other games.

                                • The NA/EU version hasn't seen any press thus far this year outside of recent cancelation rumors. I am hard pressed to believe, with recent KR server merges and RUS servers closing permanently, that NA/EU is a priority at all, especially given the huge focus on Japan.

                                    • The consolidated server reads to me like the shard system that The Secret World uses. It allows them to just phase players into the same instance so you actually have people to play the game with, regardless of which server you originally joined. Hopefully that consolidation is a sign of new life and not a sinking ship. The biggest pain with consolidation is losing a character name. It'll be interesting to see if there's any fall out from this.

                                        • I think the release of a Russian client prior to a US/EU client was a shock for most folks as they'd never specifically discussed Russia being an interim production and we'd only heard about a "Western release". Hopefully we hear something in January, though mergers often take an exceedingly long time to complete.

                                          For folks who've been paying attention to this game for a few years now, we did go a year or so without an update, so this isn't exactly new behavior for them.

                                            • Sorry. then, as I understand it, everyone can do them all? They can do any job?
                                              This is a bad news .... ;( Sorry again for my english.

                                              There are no separate crafting or gathering professions/jobs in BLESS. In other words, there is no separate tailoring, mining, jewelcrafting, leatherworking, blacksmithing, etc. skills.

                                              There is only "crafting" and "gathering"; or essentially two total skills you can level up. You can also completely skip crafting and gathering if you prefer, visit the crafting NPC, provide them the mats + some gold, and have it crafted instantly for you. The easiest way to obtain the mats is to gather and such, but you could buy them from guild members or trade other players for them.

                                                • Hello guys. A curiosity

                                                  But as the crafting function? Everyone can do everything? I hope it is not so.

                                                  Here's kind of what we knew about crafting last year. We do not know how much (if any) it will change for the US/EU launch. The last updates were from the end of last year, so nothing updated with OB. In the other posts that have happened recently, crafting and gathering look identical to the guide from December.

                                                  [Guide] Crafting

                                                  Given the 11-month necro of this thread, I'm going to close this thread.

                                         the crafting section of our forums, there were updates provided in a different format: Crafting/Gathering guide for Bless.

                                                    • More reasons for the community to stay invested and interested are always good in my book, even if I wouldn't change my own backgrounds or use many of the bells and whistles.