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    Roughly middle of Rustica, more to the north (between the two distinct sub-regions), there is the Gate Fortress (not Gateway fortress as is in the quest description). The NPC is there. :)

    The minimum and maximum prices are based on the actual prices and supply/demand. Apparently, these scrolls were placed on the market when the general prices were lower, so there was also a lower minimum price. The minimum price isn't based on minimum price listed on the marketplace, but some internal average price or other supply/demand modifiers.

    It was the same way in BDO and I suppose this is the intended behavior in Bless, too. I am not saying it is right (I would personally prefer fixed minimum/maximum prices and let players decide for what price they want to sell), just confirming what Queen said.

    Thiazzi : Yep, I gave up to argument against pitchforks and torches. Nonetheless I think it was good to post some rationale to make clear it is not crying about being less overpowered, but about the general gameplay. :)

    It seems that other classes do not understand that we are not crying about less overpowered guardian here, but about the skills flow. Well, it seems like a waste of time to try make it clear, as the "guardians are op" tantrum prevails above arguments, so I will keep it as is. ;)

    Just for the clarity - I personally have nothing against guardian or other classes nerfs or boost, it just shouldn't break how the skills are used and played. I can clearly imagine that if they will put another nerf hammer on guardians to various stances in the same style, the guardian will turn into terrible mess of pending cooldowns everywhere (which are often not visible, as they are further in the chain like the current Shield Upper Swing).

    Its funny cause right now guardians are top tier pvp class fighting one now all you get is>Immune Immune Immune Immune which needs to be fixed since you don't need a brain to play Guardian.

    Nobody is saying that there shouldn't be some nerfs for guardians or general balancing pass for most classes. As I mentioned, for example, nobody is complaining about nerf of Shield Upper Swing. The only complaint is that the recent skill cooldown increase damaged a major part of one stance. Not its strength, but its general flow and usability.

    To make it even more clear: nobody is complaining about nerf, but a gameplay flow in that stance. That's a significant difference, isn't it? ;)

    Looks like the biggest snowflake complainers are the Guardians, nah Guards are fine learn to play.

    The major problem isn't the 30sec cooldown on a skill, the problem is that this cooldown is on a chain starter skill, which will effectively "cripple" usability of the stance, because there is more or less just one chain tree remaining (the last tree is mostly about buffs). Of course, there is possible to solve it with a stance swapping, but it doesn't change anything on a fact that the stand-alone stance usability is heavily affected after the change. And that's the reason to complain. On the opposite side, there are mostly no objections about Shield Upper Swing nerf, so it won't be so hot with the snowflakes. ;)

    im zerk 27, what should i do? keep dungeon till 32 but only killing bosses?.. parrot isnt easy to kill as zerker.

    Depends on your attitude on questing - doing the main and all side quests with a few hunting quests and dungeon runs will get you to lvl32 very comfortably. :)

    I just wrote it in another thread - training dummies are present in the game, try to look in military camps and similar places. I didn't searched for them very thoroughly, but they are present at least there. :)

    The training dummies are in the game. For example, pantera has them right on the place where you start and I suppose it should be similar for the other races, too. I have seen them in various military camps, too. The dummies have a fast health regeneration, so you can train combos as you wish. :)

    Try to find BaseEngine.ini config file, it should be located somewhere like: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bless Online\Engine\Config

    There, find a record:


    ... and change it to:


    ... and save the file. Does it help? :)

    Hrajeme na Daimon, ale za Union.

    S temi servery to byl pri startu fakt binec, tak jsou zjevne lidi roztahani po vsech certech... :)

    Ano, bude placena a zalezi, jakou verzi bys chtel. Jestli chces zacit drive, tak v pondeli od 19:00 naseho casu verze za 40, 70 a 150 USD a nebo ve stredu, tez od 19:00 za 30 USD. Ceny v eurech se jeste nevi, ale pravdepodobne budou prepoctem odpovidat tem v dolarech. Pre-download neni. :)