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    • yes the game is down. In my server (chinawa), some times have a 3 players in the principal city, Hieracon, on day time, for most of the day. Is better at nitgh.

        • imageupload">Canot be sold

          i canot understand. In the item is wrote canot be sold, but was on market to sale. Someone can explaine about.

          Thanks all

            • I want to propose a vote. Do you think the teleportation of this game should change? Teleporting faster. It's very time-consuming, I think.

                • honestly the game was not what much of us expected. It is not so bad but it needs a lot of improvements according to some forum posts. There is an item that should fall into the dungeons, to craft, but never falls.

                    • Yes, I think the game really is without a future. Players who are not level 45 can not even make arena. The arenas have time to happen, this is not good. I guess. Or put a reward that encourages the player to make arena. Why not put items to be sold by PVP points and dungeons points? Developers could put a system to deliver craft packages, to deliver on another map and earn gold. Implement fishing. You should modify the crafter of the game according to the level. Example: level 30 10 sotf, level 35 50 soft, level 40 100 softs. level 30 use 10 stones, level 40 use 100 stones. Put the craft items to drop in the hunting quests.

                      1 - Leave the time of the arena open.

                      2 - Modify quantities of items to craft by level

                      3 - Increase the amount of items to craft according to level

                      4 - Allow market purchases to be partial items. If I do not want 100 units, I can buy 10 units.

                        • why put could down in the arena ????? There are people who can not participate because they work, study, or live in countries with different time zones. Not fun you can not do in the game what you want. The Arena must be free all day. At Archeage the Arena is all day. Blade in Soul is all day long. There should be no limit to enter the Arena by placing a limit you will limit which people entered the Arena. Whoever works at the time it is closed will never participate. The game is global, so it must be free. I have friends in different countries and so they have never played in the Arena. My best friend lives in Japan, the other in Brazil and another in the USA. How will we play an Arena together ??? What would be your problem? The points earned? My guild asked to do this post because we want to have fun at any time of the day or night. We have players here who play in the morning and others who play at night and still others at dawn. Do something for us, please, staff.

                          por que colocar could down na arena????? Existem pessoas que não podem participar dela porque trabalham, estudam, ou moram em países com fuso horários diferentes. Não divertido voce não poder fazer no jogo o que você quer. A Arena deve ser livre o dia todo. No Archeage a Arena é o dia todo. No Blade in Soul é o dia todo. Não deve haver limite para entrar na Arena, colocando limite você limitará quais pessoas entraram na Arena. Quem trabalha na hora em que ela estiver fechada nunca participará. O jogo é global, portanto ela deve ser livre. Tenho amigos em diferentes países e assim eles nunca jogaram na Arena. Meu melhor amigo mora no Japão, o outro no Brasil e um outro nos EUA. Como jogaremos juntos uma Arena??? Qual seria o problema de voces? Os pontos ganhos? Minha guilda pediu para fazer este post porque queremos nos divertir em qualquer hora do do dia ou da noite. Temos players aqui que jogam de manhã e outros que jogam a noite e ainda outros de madrugada. Façam alguma coisa por nós, por favor staff.

                          ¿Por qué poner could down en la arena ????? Hay personas que no pueden participar en ella porque trabajan, estudian, o viven en países con zonas horarias diferentes. No es divertido que no puedas hacer en el juego lo que quieres. La Arena debe ser libre todo el día. En el Archeage la Arena es todo el día. En el Blade in Soul es todo el día. No debe haber límite para entrar en la Arena, poniendo límite limitará qué personas entraron en la Arena. Quien trabaja en la hora en que ella está cerrada nunca participará. El juego es global, por lo que debe ser libre. Tengo amigos en diferentes países y así nunca jugaron en la Arena. Mi mejor amigo vive en Japón, el otro en Brasil y otro en los Estados Unidos. ¿Cómo jugaremos juntos una Arena ??? ¿Cuál sería el problema de ustedes? ¿Los puntos ganados? Mi gremio pidió hacer este post porque queremos divertirnos en cualquier momento del día o de la noche. Tenemos jugadores aquí que juegan por la mañana y otros que juegan la noche y otros de madrugada. Hagamos algo por nosotros, por favor staff.