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    • or just let it die like it needs to. this game was a disaster, a disgrace to mmorpgs and a complete and utter lie from what they had promised this game to be.

        • The fear mongering is real. This is quite the click bait thread you made. you worry for nothing for one JP is different from NA and Eu and if it can be bought with in game currency then that's not really pay to win. I have to ask what was your goal By making this thread? you haven't really contributed much to anything other than trying to cause fear and panic giving people a negative impression before launch When even if you can play the Japanese version on the Japanese server its going to be a fair bit different when it comes to NA. Or,anywhere else for that matter. Frankly speaking, this thread didn't need to be made and your fear of pay to win. just because the shop updated something is unfounded and illogical. wait for the actual game to come out before making assumptions. or trying to cause terror before its launch.

            • Loot boxes are problematic and a gray area. see when it comes to adults spending money on a rng chance to get something no one gives a damn about it. its perfectly normal and fine because they are a adult. But when its for the children? "Oh think of the Children Q_Q" is what occurs. there's been a lot of debate lately on loot box's. in video games mostly do to younger players spending their hard earned dollars and cash. Which then becomes a problem because you can't begin gambling legally anywhere in most countries or states. till you are at least the age of a adult. because of this loot boxes are seen as a huge issue and are the topic of debate as whether or not it seem as gambling. personally, I see it as gambling. you're spending irl dollars for a random loot generator hoping to acquire a certain item with a very low drop chance. Which devs can either lie about to make the chance seem higher or lower than it actually is so you end up spending a huge amount of money. I've seen stories happen where people have spent 1000 usd to get a costume or a item they wanted for their character and not acquire it. id call that gambling. You're putting a huge investment in. and possibly not get anything back. It would be different if it was ingame currency that you used and risked but its not its real dollars/currency for a in game item.

                • ..I don't want in game voice communication. Personally if you've played enough mmorpgs you often times know what the global world chat is like or how battlegrounds sound. I don't need some guy or girl screaming into their head set full blast in a battleground or open world just walking up to people and trolling the hell out of them or bming the hell out of them. even if it was just party chat with voip its unnecessary. to need inclusion of voip ingame discords and team speaks exist for a reason. and often times sound much better then the voip for a online mmorpg. + you can build things better with that then a ingame voip so imo, not needed, not necessary, not even really that helpful compared to the tools we have currently.

                    • Personally, I disagree with some of you not allowing a dungeon finder tool. Most of you forget that making a group for a dungeon or raid for a 10/20/30/40 man raid. however large the number was, takes a damn long time. If that raid collapses you just wasted 2-6 hours trying to get something together to have it burn. does that sound like fun? No. dungeon finders/raid finders exist to save time. a lot of you complain about "oh communities not as strong." or "oh everyone sucks but me clueless noobs no one remembers how hard we had it in.." *Nostalgic ramblings that no one wants to hear. Listen we get it. Yes a game without dungeon finder where you have to LFG and go up to people and ask to run certain dungeons. can build a stronger sense of community. Yes, we get it games aren't as hard as they used to be. I always find It funny, when people ramble on. About the old days of this or that. But, forget about the shitty experience they had trying to find people. Those who talk about "ye old good days." are also the same exact people. that One point or another in frustration while waiting for a group said back at that time when there weren't dungeon finders. "Man i wish we had a faster way to get into and run the dungeon to experience the content this is taking forever." I know for damn sure I've said that more than once when dungeon finder wasn't a thing. what people misunderstand is dungeon finder isn't the thing that's changed. its the attitude of players and people. lets face it how many of you in today's day and age have that much time to sit there in a LFG recruiting for over 3 /2 hours waiting to try and find a healer to start the dungeon? I know when that happened people would go like "I'm not really invested in this." and drop and then we'd have to find someone else to replace that guy or girl. I am not thinking in the way of a casual more along the lines of whats efficient and how to get the most out of my time on a video game. No one and I do mean No one. Likes spending 2/5 hours in a group waiting to get one person so they can go run the damn thing only to have that raid or party collapse and people rage quit and then spend another few hours searching again. Hence, why dungeon finders exist and why they dumb down mechanics to make it easier/ more efficient to clear. Which in a way sucks. I do miss the old dungeon mechanics and bosses in WoW for lower leveling dungeons where not doing something correctly instead of making you lose like maybe 5/10% of your hps either one shot you or hurt you greatly that it would make you make a small effort at the very least to Dodge or Do the mechanic rather than dps train through it. However, that's just how mmorpgs are today. FF14 has dungeon finder, Gw2 has dungeon finder, Tera has dungeon Finder, BnS Has Dungeon Finder, case in point ALMOST every mmorpg of today. has a dungeon finder of some short. Some of you may not like it. Some of you you may hate it.

                      but so long as mmorpgs exist they will forever now continue this cycle unless they come up with a better solution to this problem. The only mmorpg I can think of In today's world that has actual dungeons to run and actual bosses to fight that DOES not have a dungeon Finder is Old school Runescape. There may be a few others but case in point those are super old mostly outdated (don't get me wrong I Love osrs but 300 hours to get 99 points in slayer or 1 full month of non stop grinding om attack or defense or ranged, or magic or strength to get 99 in only one of them only to have to go back and train up the same amount of time to get 99 in something? couldn't make a better way other than killing sandcrabs or tougher monsters for 100+ hours on end? . rip mouse fingers. Q_Q) But besides the Point, Dungeon finder is here to stay and frankly I don't see a reason on how you could completely remove it from a game without alienating a large majority of people who will be the ones you will be profiting most from and still make it as a mmmorpg.


                      Dungeon finder is necessary and will forever remain in all Mmorpgs to save time running dungeons making them more efficent however much easier.

                        • Personally i don't see a problem with dps meter I get the mentality behind it. Reasons for and Not having a dps meter. reasons for not having the dps meter are everyone will become focused on making big damage rather then doing actual mechanics become more elitist and quite rude. if you're bad or not using the meta build to get efficiently because you'd rather play what you like. you're gonna get all shorts of crap from some players about not being at this dps level. why aren't you using this build,your class is this strong why do you suck with it. leading to all shorts of harrasment,Drama and so on. However, when a dps meter is used to make sure you have enough dps to surpass a boss phase figure out how to improve your rotation better and do more damage it becomes a necessary tool to do certain things. If you learn Classes job, or learn and improve for next time and you'll be fine. as for add ons? NO. in a game that has semi action combat where aiming skills, targeting, and dodging become a part of the game.I don't really know where I stand. maybe add ons for ui and so on could be supported but I wouldn't support addons like aim bot or things of that nature that take skill out of the equation. add ons are also tough to get support for and implement into a game that's already been coded a certain way.

                            • Fair Point. But how do names work in bless? I know in Some mmorpgs its once you take a name that name is no longer available in any form for its players. and that leads to people making alts taking names People really want and then selling them for In game gold or Out of game real currency. Hopefully that's not too big of a issue here.

                                • From what I've seen and read Bless is going to be a very Promising MMORPG. a lot of promising ideas and concepts. Now with that being said let me be very clear to you the developers of this game and every player who comes across and reads this post. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET THERE BE NO RNG LOOT BOXES WHEN IT COMES TO COSMETICS! Yes you heard me correctly. When we players play a video game. we will invest a pretty penny to make are characters look how we want with cosmetic items. Listen I'm all for spending some money to get a cool looking cosmetic that gives me a nicer looking bulkier heavy armor and the ability to do certain things such as dyes and so on. depending on price I personally will either spend irl money to acquire it or try saving up enough gold in game to buy said item off broker. that's fine with me But there is a big difference from just flat out buying the costume and items you want and playing Russian roulette with Loot boxes to get the item you want to make your character how you'd like. so in the end let there be Cool cosmetic items we can buy and use that don't provide any special bonuses besides looking badass,cute,sexy or whatever else. so I say this again from the bottom of my soul. for all that is holy Just to make this point as clear as bloody possible..


                                    • Hopefully if a cash shop exists For Cosmetics the normal looking armors and such still look unique or cool enough to be acceptable. there better be some dang awesome heavy armors for Berserkers,Paladins,and Guardians : P

                                        • I Do understand that no game can be perfectly balanced however, i am hoping that this game lets every class have a spot for competitive play. that beingim hoping that every class is made viable and if you know your class you can excel and do well. that's all i ask and form the sound of what you've told me Tycon The PvP in this game sounds very promising. I look forward to when This game comes out.

                                            • Tera did become catered towards PvE after the end of the Tensus patch. Competitive 3's did not die because of players with a lack of gear. Rather, there was simply no incentive to do Team 3v3's or Skyring Unless you just wanted to get ranked and really enjoyed PvP. Currently they tried to incentivize PvP recently with a focus on Battleground jackpots that helped spark and bring life back however as you said there are a great number of exploits which can be used. 3v3's competitive died rather not from the lack of geared players but the same teams. consistently fighting each other over and over as no one really does PvP anymore In Tera. But besides the point I'd like to point out that equalized gear usually tends to not fix the problems of imbalance. but rather, equalized gear prohibits a lot of classes from reaching their true potential in PvP. Unless its balanced correctly. In the Old days of wow we used to have to get two sets one for PvE one for PvP while it was tedious it made the value of being geared important while not completely invalidating those without gear. If you were a PvE geared and went into a Battle Ground your hps got scaled down your damage got decreased compared to those in PvP gear. but if you were good you'd still be able to kill people and contribute to your team. However you also felt you could be doing better and that gear would help increase your ability to play. But it did not completely hinder you it made you want to gear up while still letting you be a skilled player. Unlike Tera Nowaday's where your gear is only equalized at a certain ilvl for FWC meanwhile if the other teams all in Best in slot you're going to get destroyed without being able to do anything do to gear difference. balancing that is always a hard part for MMORPG's . I' d honestly rather have had had unequalized gear for those battles then be stuck in battle ground fighting high leveled players then be stuck as front line fodder that can't really kill anything despite how well I played all because equalized gear limited my capability to play well. Equal gear affects every class differently for some it completely hinders them by making Cool downs on certain skills longer than they need to be limiting how helpful you are as your class. for others it makes them stronger plate wearing classes become more durable.etc. I don't see any real true way to balance this out but thankfully for me im just the person playing the game not the developers. So here is the the final question how exactly if equalized gear was introduced would it be balanced for every class? answer most likely it would not for the capability to do so is extremely difficult.

                                                • Having played Tera for so long I'm not sure equalized 3's is a good idea. it sounds fine in principle but when put into practice equalized can sometimes harm a lot more than it helps.

                                                    • Bns only worked for 1v1 and was only balanced around 1v1 When it came group battles however it became a mosh pit and mostly luck based. thats not real PvP. Wow? Wow's PvP is active but it serves no purpose other than amusement or something to pass the time. the Rng for pvp gear from arena and Battlegrounds was to nearly as good as the things you'd get from doing PvE. So in the end PvE gave better rewards over PvP and made People want to run PvE content a lot more than focus onPvP for the chance of getting a rng item level rolled gear piece. Honor points were also removed in Legion so you couldn't get gear from spending your hard earned points only transmogs. Which made PvP a lot less competitive. When they added honor talents instead of allowing all skills to be used by a class as well as making everything gcd they limited game play a lot more and made it very linear certain class comps just decimated every other comp because of their kits. Tera pvp was strong in the beginning but became very unbalanced later on especially now with the awakening patch. Pvp also serves little to no purpose now but for Ego. In the old days it served the purpose of getting resources for professions, holding a spot for the faster levels by grinding mobs, and gearing up to get the best endgame gear from alliance, and Nexus. FF14 PvP is not rewarding in the slightest. and sure as hell is not balanced. Guild wars 2 had a great idea however PvP was all instanced in Battlegrounds and certain areas and did not have open world PvP which makes a game a lot more lively.

                                                        • This games not FFx14 though, this game has open world environments and actual open world pvp. so they can definitely do a lot more things with there maps and there will definitely be a lot more to do here than in Final Fantasy 14 a realm reborn. Which frankly is only enjoyable for its pve and endgame.