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    • I definitely think this game will be Play2Win, going Pay2Win could end up killing the game, and this is seen as NeoWiz's last chance at making Bless Online into a success. If they're smart they'll play it safe and do their best to keep from having anything in the game that the majority of players would deem Pay2Win, even with the fact that you will be able to exchange in-game currencies for Lumena

        • Have you looked at Neowiz's Q&A from a few days ago? They listed in detail of what players who pay for Premium Membership with get, it's mostly 20% more experience and other things, which isn't an amount where you who have the time to play the game for numerous hours a day wouldn't be able to keep up with others who quite possibly have at least a little bit less time than you.

          Here's a link to the Q&A in case you haven't seen it yet:…etail/1651011615841260190

            • now that they explained the premium, its kinda a let down, they said there were monthly skins/costumes that we kept, but no signs of them in the QA

              At least you know what you're getting, they'll probably show off the skins/costumes you get from Premium Membership for the first month later on. The Q&A was to show some much needed transparency and that so far they're listening to the community

                • I agree. In addition One of the strangest things about it is that nothing about it is really collectible...There is no single item that stands out to me as such.

                  Price of the Collector's Edition is being reduced down to $149.99, but yeah, doesn't change on whether items stand out or not. Does mean it costs less though.


                    • Ok, this is helpful info, Thanks for clearing that part up. Any source info?

                      Here's the link to the official announcement of the prices:…etail/2699223883359001751

                      And as far as an official announcement about what the Premium Membership will give, there isn't one. When they had the PR Event with Emissaries on May 11th told the Emissaries what they can expect the Premium Membership to give, but they have yet to announce how much Premium Membership will cost. Though Premium Membership is expected to cost $10-15 a month, but again Premium Membership will be optional

                        • On the website it looked like it said the base game price is 29.99 USD unless that is the buy in.

                          That's the base price of the game after it releases to Early Access, they haven't released the cost of the Premium Membership, and the Premium Membership is optional. Now whether the Premium Membership actually just gives skins and cosmetics that don't give an advantage towards other players is another story, I know they said exp pots/boosts were something you get. But that only helps you till you're max lvl/overlvled (for stances)

                            • That's a pretty interesting claim. The CE gives 3800 which at $150 would mean that 100 lumena is worth like $4 so the exchange rate doesn't seem unlikely. That would put the deluxe lumena at being worth around $98 meaning it would be a MUCH better buy.

                              I've also seen people say the Collector's Edition gives $190 worth of Lumena, so like I said, take it with a grain of salt. But yeah, the Digital Deluxe Pack seems to be the best deal overall. There will be people that will buy the Collector's Edition, but that would be heavy money spenders and/or players that can afford it AND are that confident that it's worth it. Though I've seen some people say they'll buy it just to support Bless Online

                                • They could at least, be more clear about the premium status benefits, I love how we got most of the information from the conference

                                  They definitely need to be more clear about the Premium Membership and what it gives exactly, should of had a detailed list of what the Premium Membership gives access to and gives you every month

                                    • Seems like most people agree that this PR event was a total disaster. This is a pretty bad start for a game with a rough history...

                                      Yep, they should of done an official stream for the PR Event and had more computers set up for streaming, as there was only two-three computers out of like twelve that were set up for streaming

                                      Edit to add on: Also doesn't help that they gave the Emissaries max lvl characters with max lvl gear and didn't move them to max lvl content areas, so they really didn't plan it out well

                                        • I'll try to rationalize the middle tier of the founders pack because I see no way of doing so for the CE... Whether it's worth it or not depends on a few things. Your paying $30 more for the deluxe version. This would mean that the 30 days of premium extra plus the 2450 lumena and cosmetics "should" be worth $30. If we assume that premium is something like $10-15 per month that means the rest of the package is $15-$20. Personally I am leaning towards the deluxe version but it depends on what those skins look like.

                                          There's people saying that the amount of Lumena you get from the Collector's Edition is $150 worth of Lumena, but since there has been no official statement on it I would take it with a grain of salt. If it is true though then they should of put the value of the Lumena you get from both the Digital and Collector's Edition with the Founder's Pack, as that would of helped us understand what we're actually paying for

                                            • I Was expecting the basic package to be in-between $30-$40 USD seeing as many Pay to Play MMOs released in the west had similar starting price points, however I do hope they lower the basic starting price them or at least have regular steam sales and special offers to get new people into the game.

                                              The only real concern I have is this so called Premium feature. I would imagine its just a simple XP boost and a few basic bonus like cash store discounts however, if anyone has more information on this please share said information seeing as this Premium feature has already scared off a fair few people judging from some of the comments on this thread.

                                              At the PR Event they kept saying you get Mount and Pet skins that change monthly, as well as EXP Pots and other convenience items. Don't know what the other convenience items entail.

                                                • No, as they never even got close to releasing Warlock to the other versions of Bless Online. For all we know they may of not gotten past concepts. So assuming a Warlock Class does eventually come it'll probably have damage over time skills and summons, as that's two main things that Warlock classes usually have.