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    • It had better honestly been a mistake. Those prices were stupid for a multi-failed Game.

      If those numbers are the case, I'll wait until they fall into F2P like they've had to

      everywhere else. NeoWiz's Team better wake up. Bad enough they don't share any

      information worthwhile, but can't price-point their Game either?


        • Emissaries wasn't a big deal to me, but it has been funny to see

          how some of the Emissaries never even applied to be Emissaries.

          Have a good look around maki_0701 & hope you find any info

          you may be looking for.


            • Well, Assassin & Mystic won't be at Early Release as they've stated

              numerous times. But hope to see you In-Game & see how things go.


                • Hey Ravven you're right ... lacking at the whole

                  'work thing' right now, but crossing fingers this

                  speeds up a bit. Good luck on finding any info

                  you may be looking for here.


                    • Welcome Earwen to BlesSource! Bless is developed quite

                      well in a lot of ways, but also, you should read on 'Endgame'

                      & leveling. But I hope you enjoy & find any info you look for here.


                        • Greetings back, Lovex . No, Bless Online isn't Released as of yet.

                          On May 11th, they will be Live Streaming from San Francisco & from

                          what we've understood, we'll also be given the Release Date & the

                          Founder's Packs that day. We shall see.


                            • I totally get that about dropping too much money on BDO.

                              I did it myself out of free will & having the cash for it, but

                              still ... there has to be a limit. Good luck in finding what all

                              info you may look for here. See you around In-Game soon,

                              more than likely.


                                • The Combat System, as I've seen it, (others may correct me in areas I may be wrong - or where the Re-Work changes things) basically will go as follows:

                                  Gear will still make a large portion of your Character. (it may not be as much as other MMO's, but still a decent sized-portion.) Tab-Targeting will eliminate a HUGE amount of Player Skill needed. From what I've seen of the Combat Re-Work, everyone will basically just Key-Spam a specific Combination of Buttons to do their Attack Chains. Learning your Combat Chains may take some time though, because as you gain Skills, you have to learn how to incorporate them into the Chain (and there 'may' be a UI that pops up that tells you what Buttons to hit & when to keep the Chain going, from what it appeared like).

                                  Stances will primarily be:

                                  Defensive Stance - DPS Stance - Survivability Stance - Healing Stance - Buffing Stance - etc.

                                  (of course, all Class / Character / Player Dependent.)

                                  So to put it out there as bluntly as I can: I hope you get what you're looking for within Bless, but in this instance, I don't think you will unfortunately.

                                  Please, correct me where I may be wrong people & thanks, if you do.