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      Nope, this game is faction locked. Territory war is a big part of PvP in this game and exists through castle sieges.

      Not so much "big part of PvP" on the JP version ... close to zero even, for faction / territory pvp

      I've rarely seen a "faction pvp mmo" with so little little impact on the map and no real interaction between factions

      Hope they will change this (miraculously) for Steam Version

        • You might be right. Though my opinion is that it had to be more than that. Because, Assassin actually worked pretty damn well, and had some of the most fun and unique PvP toolsets. However, it still is possible it didn't fit Neowiz's vision and they decided to further rework it. Though, I still think that's a tough sell, since taking out one of the most popular MMO classes just before soft launch is very risky.

          Assassin is clearly abused on JP

          This is the only class in pvp that has such a big burst with only 3 (or 4) dmg skills (including auto-attack) and the rest in utility / survival skills

          The classe was broken before the game combat changes

            • I also agree with your arguments in your video

              Burst classes are often difficult to balance.

              If the burst is too important, it's not good
              But if the other classes are too "tanky", it makes the assassin burst useless
              The survival of the assassin is not obvious either to balance (on the JP, the assassin has a lot of iframe skills)

              Similarly hybrid classes (mystic) are also difficult to balance ... find the middle way between support / heal / dps without becoming OP

              May be the new combat system is too faster for assassin gameplay

              Hope they will repair them quickly

                • It seems that the new combat system for NA/EU build has broke the assassin class atm

                  Just a little delay

                  Maybe it means that the new combat system changes a lot compared to the old one (for me it wasn't the most important thing to improve but why not)

                    • Only 5 classes for the moment (Paladin, Guardian, Mage, Ranger, Berserk)

                      • Choose your story

                      Each of the 7 races you choose from will present you with a unique character story. 5 classes with different skills and combat style will provide you with just the right type of hero for your play style

                      Hope they will fix the Assassin class (and Mystic) quickly ^^

                        • the "no-trade player" is mostly to have players who will rather go through their CS instead of goldsellers ... that's all
                          After 1 month when all the players whine that will not be able to trade, they will regret their choice

                          AH system on Bless doesn't change the problem

                          Players will have to stay at the AH to buy the armor piece with the best rune slot

                          The AH doesn't distinguish between a piece of armor with a rotten rune and the best, so you spend your time at the AH to refresh and snipe the right piece of armor

                          This fixed AH price system totally blocks the craftmen too
                          Even if you are the only one of your server to be able to craft an object, you will not be able to decide on his price ... which is totally illogical on a normal market of offers and requests

                          With all these crappy systems, a guild can not even organize main craftmen with their members ... already that mmo are more and more solo, but there, no interaction player is possible in Bless

                            • On the Russian version we could also make exchanges directly between players

                              I think it's essential for a mmo to be able to exchange items (weapons, armor etc) with his friends or guildmates

                              Currently you cannot make a craft and give it to one of your friends, not even a single potion !!!

                              It totally hinders the interaction between players and force u to have 3 chars for make all the crafts :/

                              We don't care about goldsellers, they will always find a trick to sell their golds or people will use directly their creditcard at CS in the worst case

                                • In more details , look how a PvP player can have legendary pet AND mount with 2 really strong buffs :

                                  - Mount Buff : after u use the mount buff, "Absorb dmg for 5sec" (seems 10secCD)
                                  U can remove the mount and the shield still
                                  In this video, at 2min00 u can see the buff in action (it's the yellow dome around the mage)
                                  The mage take 10.000+ dmg (u can verify if u want) during this 5sec shield, and when the shield fade, he begins to take some damages
                                  --> So at every engage (with mount) he has a 5sec dmg immunity

                                  - Pet buff : after loose 7% HP in a hit, u create a buff on u for 5sec (who give u 20% Pdef / Mdef) AND if someone hit u, he takes a reflective stun for 3sec (everyone who hit)
                                  U can see the buff on his buff icons ... it's with yellow lightning circle
                                  When the buff proc, the same icon appear at the right side of icon buff (for 5sec ... 30secCD)

                                  *In the same video at 2min08 u can see the buff proc and :
                                  The ranger and mascu mage are instantly stun
                                  Next one is the zerk at 2min10 (after his jump)
                                  At 2min11 again the mascu mage at the right side
                                  At 2min12 the guardian who hit the mage
                                  5 consecutives stun on different ennemies ...

                                  *Again in this video at 0min52 ... buff proc :
                                  3 ennemies stun (2 ranger and 1 pala)

                                  --> So this guy has a 5sec immunity at the engage and when he loose HP, he has during 5sec a automatic stun ennemy for 3sec

                                  In conclusion, yes the pet/mount buffs are totally gamebreaking in PvP (open, castro, arena) and are part of the endgame stuff, as much as his armor and his weapon !!!

                                  And following the CS that we will have, if they put items for easier pet/mount regrade (like CS in KR), it will become P2W
                                  Atm, on JP CS u have item for change the skillpet ... so if, by chance, u obtain a legendary pet but with wrong buff, u can use ure credit card for changing their skills instead of regrade another pet

                                  Without some 3rd buffs and the +50% backwalk, pet and mount are balanced, but some buffs are totally OP !

                                  (for information legendary pet/mount have less than 1% chance to obtain)

                                    • it's a shame but there will probably be the same imbalance as in aion

                                      The advantage in Bless is that the factions do not have much impact in the game and on the endgame pvp, unlike to the abysses in aion

                                      Castro siege and World Boss are "instance" ... u will always have 100 players in ure faction for BG 100v100 ... the most important thing is coordination, guild leadership and pvp oriented guilds

                                      There isn't real endgame pvp in Bless and mostly faction pvp are limited instances

                                      The other "endgame pvp" is GvG (capital siege) but there isn't reward
                                      If they add pvp gear with realm points like on others old build, it will be fun
                                      For the moment, kingdom are near useless

                                        • Lol u're blind ?
                                          Are u playing IG ? or only on forum ?

                                          The +50% backwalk is OP for ranger

                                          check IG, the 3rd slot could fucking good too :
                                          +20% dmg for 5sec / 30secCD
                                          Something like a 3sec stun counter attack if u take 7% HPdmg + a 20% Pdef/Mdef buff for 5sec

                                          With mount u can have a sort of flag/banner who can give GROUP buff like immuCC, an absorb dmg shield, or an AE-fear on ennemies

                                          So having a legendary pet (or mount) with BiS buff on all party/raid member on a pvp fight and u will see the difference at the engage (especially in Bless where everything is done at engage with full AP stuff)

                                          Or maybe u're just a pve player who don't care about pvp ... in that case, yeah pet/mount buff will not gamebreaker

                                            • +6 months ... so after Summer, past september/october (the mmo population is still very low during the summer months)

                                              Housing ... every time I read housing preview in a mmo interview, it feels lie/fail

                                              The wait and all these promises bore me more and more ...

                                              Will Bless be the last release in the mmo's history ? (this kind of games is already declining)

                                              More shities :

                                              "Our short-term focus is to improve the character progression and combat. Our long-term focus to develop large-scale battlefield content in the Sea and the Sky to provide an awesome elder game experience.."

                                              "There will also be a large-scale PVP system that takes place in the Sea and the Sky. We will share more on this soon."

                                              Come on !! Housing (instead of new race or more classe), Sea battle, Sky battle, 20-man, 40-man, 10vs10, 15vs15, large-scale war ...

                                              In the next roadmap interview, we will have Space battlefield and prolly VR siege

                                              Stop fucking yourself and focus on the release :cursing:

                                                • may be the ping/delay

                                                  But generally the problem is the range

                                                  if u click on a skill when u are out of range, ure char will get closer and when he will be at the range, he will make auto-attack instead of the skill

                                                  If u are already at the good range, the problem doesn't exist

                                                  same if u move a little bit before u press a cast skill

                                                    • Quote

                                                      Every boss is guaranteed to drop one thing and it's pretty much RNG what drops. It doesn't bind so if the people in group don't need it then it will end up on the AH. I don't see an issue with it personally.

                                                      Except that with fixed prices u're fucked

                                                      A mage gloves piece with the best stat and gemme slot will be the exact same price as the same piece with shity stat and gemme slot

                                                      At the end, as u cannot buy at AH if u aren't at PNJ, u stay at capital all the day and refresh AH for sniping the best piece, bid when u see them, and pray RNGesus for the lotery at the end of the bid period

                                                      best AH ever !!! :thumbsup:

                                                        • Quote

                                                          Sure dps classes can kill mobs faster but there is also added recovery time for that benefit.

                                                          Except may be for Assassin, there is no downtime for dps class for killing mob

                                                          mage/zerk/ranger can mostly instant kill any mobs and elites (I kill rhyno43 with only 2-3 skills)

                                                            • Quote

                                                              Keeping cash shop items account bound may be a better option.

                                                              It will create a more "P2W CS" with account bound items

                                                              Differences between players with credit card and others players will be higher

                                                              If u have only account bound item, nobody can buy the CS items at AH (with golds)

                                                                • Speaking of polish :

                                                                  The stamina is a bit low... Most of the time, you won't be able to use your dodge more than 1 single time in a fight, which feels kinda bad. In boss fights, I can usually dodge 2-3 times. It would be nice if we had more stamina. I know overbuffing it wouldn't be a good idea though, because dodges remove debuffs.

                                                                  For the Stamina, it's just at the beggining
                                                                  I've 104 max stam atm with 2 only 2 rings +3
                                                                  I obtain +4 stamina at each rank on rings
                                                                  finally, I can use 3 times my shift skill (cost 35 for mage) and a 4th time if I use a stamina potion

                                                                  Else for the release :

                                                                  - All classes !! ranger + mystic

                                                                  - All 45 content : Nigraturis, Mine HM and raid10 45ID ... basel camp/quest
                                                                  The JP build content atm is fine for a release I think
                                                                  Around 2 months later add 50 content

                                                                  Honestly, if u know the game and know that there is 50 stuff in a few month, did u spend all the blueorb etc on ure 45 epic stuff ? and change them a few month later ?

                                                                  When u know that there is better gear later, u don't want to spend gold/item in a temporary stuff ... like u don't make a +5 on ure level 37 armor
                                                                  I've ~11.000 gearscore with 45 epic armor and jewel set, only average +4/+5 (coz I use my blueorb for testing more crafting and taming scroll with blessing dust) ... no need to enchant more if u will change the stuff "quickly"

                                                                  The "enchant" gain is not worth on not endgame stuff !!! or eventually just until 100% chance
                                                                  Sometimes u gain only a +1 Physical armor on ure piece ... :/ 
                                                                  I prefer to keep orb and rare items for real endgame gear ... especially that if u've a very strong armor piece (like by chance on enchant, with 2 runes slots) u will NEVER be able to sell it at the AH

                                                                  At release, if u have only Nigraturis in first ... u collect gear ... enchant them to +10 (lot of mats) ... 1 month later HM mine will go ... u will do the same with this new gear just for win a few stat ? and use another tone of blueorb and rare items ?
                                                                  Or u will never do HM-mine coz u have all ure Nigraturis set BiS, full enchant and u dont care to have just a few more stats

                                                                  Having 2-3 sources of 45 epic set it's the minimum (Nigraturis and HM-mine or raid10 dunno all the dropbase) at release, for stuffing before 50 content

                                                                  Atm there isn't a lot of cloth armor at AH (instead of plate armor who have 3 classe type of drop) ... it miss Mystic pieces too !!
                                                                  That its why we need mystic too on release, for having more cloth armor drop ... a mage can use a mystic piece and same for mystic

                                                                  Level 50 is THE endgame ... mostly if KR will have another 50 update patch, NA/EU version need to have 50 content pretty fast after a few months ... before hipe go down !!!!