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    @MargaretGR it is simple , the connection to a server is like mailing in real life .

    I live in germany so when i send a package to Berlin it will take 3 days. If i send one to Moskau (russia) it will take a week and more, depends on the service i use.

    A Server Connection is nothing more then digital packages who are sending from your computer to a server and are coming back. So the most europe servers for games are located in Frankfurt (germany) - Black Desert/Blade and Sould/Heroes of the Storm and so on (sometime Amsterdam location bot mostly frankfurt).

    My ping because i live in germany will be a lot better than the ping of a person from turkey, russia and so on.

    Nice one! If they make the Dungeons that easy im out of here. It makes totally no sense to make the leveling exp. a challenge and than the dungeons a piece of cake.

    A real problem in my opinion now days is the content you do in mmorpgs are too easy and brain dead mode.

    Anyone notice that Marta City looks really close to Rohan from Lord of the Rings? The whole constuction and buildings of both citys are very similar. For example the Main Building :D

    Rohan Main Building :

    Marta City Main Building: