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    The Game is pretty much dead , dont waste your time. Thats why there are no new Guides. If you want to play it on a casual level, go for it if you enjoy the Pokemon Pet System and have Friends to do the Dungeons with, the que nowdays when you go solo is like 10 years , so have fun xD


    OMG, the first visual hint they're actually working on something.

    In the interview I linked here (mmocuture interview with Jae-hoon Jeon, February 14, 2018) they answered that question.
    "Q: Players have been very impressed with the localization efforts of the Japanese server. Is it possible to have voiceover packs from the Japan version?
    We are not considering it as there are some technical hurdles."

    Oh they try to sell the "the technology is not here " shit again xD . So we need the mod guys again sadly.

    Will we have any censoring in the steam Version of the game? Something like this really is shit for me personal. Happend in so many mmorpgs before (Blade and Soul, Tera and so on). And since we have at least some nude content (a semi sex scene) in the game and some monster design that is often to "hard" for the west would like to know if they said anything about this topic.

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    And what you need to take into account aswell is that the mmo market is rough So they will watch really really carefully when in other (released) mmo rpgs new content comes out (big content updates/patches, addons and so on) and will rise the promotion level when the time is right .

    We will get a new WoW Addon this year (2nd half) and a new elder scrolls online addon (like the morrowind one).

    If you are smart you can use the "hype" for other games and use it for yourself and i guess they want to deliver a game that looks promising because of the "fail" in Ru and Korea.

    Will we still get the Korea/JPN Voices?

    The JPN ones are so awesome and i like to play the game with it

    (In Tera and other games you need to mod the game to use the voices , other than ff14 where you can use the voice you want )

    Guten Abend , dann will ich dir mal kurz und bündig antworten.

    Das Taming System wurde allgemein in sofern überarbeitet das es jetzt ein Minispiel ist wo man den eine Taste zum richtigen Zeitpunkt drücken muss.

    Die Scrolls können nun nicht mehr gekauft werden , sondern müssen selbst hergestellt werden. Manche Quests geben diese auch als Belohnung.

    Taming kann wie ein Mini Beruf angesehen werden den man zusätzlich aufleveln kann was das zähmen von Tieren erleichtert. Gezähmte Tiere können auch gehandelt und verkauft werden über das Aktionshaus. Pets können zusätzlich mit Style Items versehen werden was ihr Aussehen verändert (nur manche)

    Fehlschläge beim Zähmen geben nun eine Chance ein Ei des jeweiligen "Tieres" zu bekommen. Daraus kann dann ein Pet entstehen.

    How are the korean players feeling about the state of the game?

    The language barrier is really shit. I think the western player base could help them a lot with balance issues. Personal i would like to give real feedback to them. Hmmmm is it possible for us to make a Bug/Balance Issue Thread and give them the informations?

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    They did make the early dungeons easier, but as far as I've heard, the higher level dungeons are either the same or have been made more difficult. I can't confirm since I have not made it to level 31 yet, waiting on girlfriend to come back from vacation to continue progressing. I'm sure there are others than can confirm.

    Oh that is nice to hear! Im will hit that level soon myself. Hope it is true :D

    We dont know yet if they will release it on steam. It is a possibility but not set in stone.

    Free 2 Play on the other hand , yes it will be f2p with a standard cosmetic/ep bosst etc. cash shop. Maybe they will change things up for us in the west, but we will see

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    Hey mate!

    It depends how the end product will look. In the Rebuild Version Dungeons are easier , but the combat is better (at least assasin i can confirm it here ) and the Questing is more challenging. If they put all changes in the game they want to , the game can be pretty good.

    In KR Dungeons are harder i would say at least at the level of Elder Scrolls Online Vet Dungeons if you know that game or World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeons (Low Mythic). Some Bosses are easy , some are challenging as in every other mmorpg. But the level is a little easier and the combat is slower / boring

    Black Desert Online is (for me) a stupid graphic imposter and has nothing to do with a good mmorpg (But maybe im to used to the Standard MMORPG genre).

    But back to your question: In GW2/Black Desert you have not real questing, in Bless you need to do at least the Main Quest (some skills are unlocked here / not sure if it still is in the Rebuild Version) but fear not the MQ is really good for MMORPG Standard (I would say not as good as Star Wars the old Republic , but it can hold is own against Elder Scrolls Online).

    So for a final answer it is to early , we need to see which road they want to go with the game. Just stay a while here and follow the posts from us guys who test the Rebuild Version , or join the testing fun!

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    Early Access Yes but not less than 30 $, because of gold spammers. And we need a game that is not "cutted" for the western audience. Like "oh you will get 2 classes less, we release them later! Oh you will only lvl this far because we need to change some things for "your" endgame" or cutted content because of shit like "its not for a western audience" like they do often in korean mmos.

    Full Game , maybe 1 Patch behind Korea and we are good to go.

    And the Game needs support , a lot. Yes we all waited long for this game and we need to wait even longer. But they need real feedback and help.

    Steam Reviews like "its shit, this sucks" and so on will not help the developers (if they even listen) . That is a point to, the developers (they want our money) need to listen to the feedback.

    The combat changes so far in the rebuild version feeling pretty good. :D