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    • I really want new costumes, though they are pretty much useless to me until the Mystic comes out lol
      I think Neowiz is walking on thin ice with this because the second they update the shop, you know there will be a ton of people screaming "CASH GRAB!!" -.-

        • You can always add new players to replace the exiting ones. Oh wait you cant. I bought the game 5 days ago and played zero hours total, because I only bought the game to play with my brother and he is on Gagato Union. I can't join because it is faction capped, so in a time when players are dwindling down - they are not allowing new players to play.

          I will be asking for a refund if I cannot join my brothers server by the end of next week. I am sure I am not the only example of this. Lots of people are not joining as new players because they can't get on the same server as their friends/family/guildies.

          Push current players away, don't allow new players to join - seems like a strategy for success. LOL

          The faction cap is in place for a reason, but it's just proving to be a nuisance right now due to the lower population spread out on so many servers with few new accounts being made.
          While I understand your frustration, this will all change once they do the server merges. So my suggestion would be to just hang tight until then, or refund the game and buy it again once the server situation is settled.

            • I just spoke with a level 25 player ingame who had it. Apparently they went all the way to the bottom of the Union territory to tame it. I play Hieron, so I'm going to have to make some Union characters on another server and run around to figure out where to tame it ><

                • You're not alone! I have the same issue. I have to view my character in direct sunlight ingame in order to see the correct hair color. Even the face colors drastically change when standing in shadows =/

                    • Hello~

                      I saw a level 29 the other day riding a sabertooth tiger (not exactly sure what the actual name of the monster is, but that's exactly what it looked like). Anybody know where I could tame that?

                      I'm looking for one that would transform into the flaming sabertooth tiger legendary. Idk how accurate this is though:

                        • Earlier today (after the producer letter and compensation news) the game had around 33.4k people ingame. There were no queues today. Many issues fixed and others addressed in the letter. The game is far from dead. Plus the positive reviews are finally piling up as we speak.

                          As far as LazyPeon....well, his name says it all xD
                          He is lazy AF when it comes to game reviews. He treats many games like it's the first time he's ever played an MMO. And I've seen other streamers claim to be stuck in the tutorial for 15 minutes due to a single typo. Brainless idiots if you ask me. I figured out what to do in about 10 seconds despite the typo. And so far I either haven't seen or was un-bothered by most of the "issues" people claim to have. The game is NOT in the sorry state the sheeple claim it is in. Most of the toxicity on steam is just the same small number of people posting over and over again.

                          The team has been very responsive regarding the majority of issues and they are clearly listening to the community. Bless is far from perfect, but it'll be just fine.

                            • One of these days, I will actually be involved in the community forum, because I will actually be able to play the game, and actually be able to give constructive opinions and posts. But for now, guess what!


                              The only way I've been able to get around that is to keep restarting the client until it goes through to server selection. But it also has to be in borderless window instead of full screen.

                                • I was able to get a placeholder character made in Tanara, but I've been messing around on Lilyanthes mostly. I've been seeing wayyy more toxicity in Tanara chat compared to Lilyanthes though, so I'm debating on which server to choose for myself and my friends. I know a lot of people who went in Tanara though....The struggle is real xD

                                    • Is there a server status? Sadly my friends chose the Rebel scu- I mean Union on the server KuatRan.
                                      Trouble is, Union is outweighing the Hieron so I cannot choose Union to join my friends, I am aware that it SOMETIMES opens up, but it's a matter of when so I can actually play without locking myself to the righ-wrong faction.

                                      You could always keep an eye on the server for the Union faction to open up and play Hieron on another server in the meantime.
                                      ....or you could just say "screw them" and play against your friends on the CORRECT faction ;)

                                        • Is it really that bad? I'm aware of the sex scene being removed (which isn't game-breaking, but I am super against censorship anyway), but idk what else there is. It is causing quite the uproar from what I've seen.


                                          This game has been censored to comply with the local laws of countries along with meeting Steam standards. All have different requirements. We wanted Bless to have a T rating to reach as many users as possible. Some content had to be changed to secure the desired ratings.

                                          Kind regards,


                                            • Super disappointed with the costume selection as well as the costumes prices. Like damn, you can spend $20 on Lumena and still not be able to afford a costume. Ridiculous.

                                                • So just confirming - All we have to do (at the moment) to keep the skins for our desired mains is to just leave the items in the account mailbox? Just don't touch them at all and we'll be fine, right?

                                                    • The only outfit I've seen so far that I like for male characters is this:


                                                      Because it wouldn't be my character if he weren't showing a lot of skin ;) haha

                                                      A Fedayin costume like this would also be nice:

                                                        • While I normally always choose the rebel/freedom-loving/underdog faction when it comes to faction vs faction MMOs (that's more in line with my own personal values), Union just doesn't do it for me in this game. Between the story, the characters (Victor is bae - just saying lol), the races and the environment, Hieron has me 100% on their side in this situation.

                                                          However, if it were a dark vs light (not synonymous with good vs evil) type of game like Aion, Shaiya or Asta, I would of course choose the dark faction because that's just natural for me ;)
                                                          Since Bless factions are not designed in that way, I had to go deeper into the story and the lore to make my decision. Literally the only thing I'm drawn to on the Union side is the city of El Lano. That place is gorgeous. But a single area is only one small factor among many.

                                                            • I never understood threads like this. Someone cant make threads discussing their want for a PvE sever? Why does that bother you? The main argument is that, PvEers arent playing the game how its "meant" to be played? What?

                                                              How about you be real and say that turning off PvP means you cant play how you WANT to play.

                                                              Youre allowed to thoughtfully express why you think PvP is important, but when you point out a thread that goes into detail about why they feel paying to opt out of PvP isnt positive to the way they choose to play, youre bothered by it? I can bet any amount of money, if they did decide down the line, to let anyone disable PvP, when they wanted, youd be here typing away on why you find it wrong. jesus, acting like disallowing Pvp who dont want it, would ruin the game, is as stupid as assuming getting your avatar killed by a player is a big deal.People cant see to wrap their heads around, the fact that, everyone has their own reason for wanting or not wanting. Some of which are valid.

                                                              This is your first post? Hmmm...

                                                              Clearly you missed my point entirely, or just scanned over it and formed an opinion.
                                                              I have absolutely no issues with someone respectfully sharing their opinion regarding the PvP-immunity item. What I DO have a problem with is people who know almost nothing about the game flooding the forums with posts demanding the game be something that it's not, and demanding special treatment within the game. Then these same people start flaming others when they try to explain to them why the game is not designed for what they are asking. There is no respect, and there is only ignorance.
                                                              Neowiz responded to their wishes with the inclusion of this item, which is quite a generous compromise considering what people are asking for. Yet these people are acting like there was absolutely nothing done. The item is free up until max level. And even at max level, you can still buy the item with the currency you earn ingame. You can buy and use this "special" item without spending a single penny if you really want to.

                                                              But regardless, Bless is a PvP game that includes PvE aspects. Plain and simple. If you want to play a PvE game and can't tolerate a single bit of PvP,....why the heck are you trying to play a PvP game? Suggestions are great, but demanding the impossible is not.
                                                              I don't like single-player console games. I only play MMOs. Should I go to a console game developer and demand that their game be an MMORPG? Like how dare they design their game in a format I don't like! :rolleyes: