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    True, i guess people who abandoned the game, also abandoned the forum here. So, most of them. Thats stupid, the game doesnt deserve to be abandoned that way, especially now it will become free, more people will gather around. I think so..

    Maybe initially, but without optimization fixes and a population, most people are just going to leave once they see the problems already out. If the optimization doesn't turn people away then it will probably be the lack of people playing the game on an official release. Nobody is around to advertise the game anymore. Only difference being now there will be more people to see that the game is still not optimized, which has been the main problem for years now. Game is down to 600 peak players for a reason.

    I'm downloading the game as we speak... €30 makes it worth it and that all the power players / PvP players are leaving is just a big plus in my book because they are mostly toxic anyway.

    And I have faith that the devs will fix all the current issues.

    They're leaving because they don't like the game. There's only 1600 players at peak between two regions. Also, it was just announced there's an Xbox One version of Bless coming out, so don't hold your breath on issues getting fixed within a reasonable amount of time. I've been following Bless for about 6 years and after watching this whole thing unfold, the announcement of the Xbox One version just shows Neowiz will probably divert funds to that project and drop the NA/EU version like they did with the Korean and Japanese versions. Those are both dead due to no new content because they keep releasing new versions.

    Honestly man, just take the criticism, even if you don't like it. You asked for feedback. At this point you're just finding any possible thing you can to dismiss and argue MY OPINION just because you don't like what I have to say. I tried being nice at first, but this is getting ridiculous. Feel free to pm me if you have any further problems.

    "Stances Explained ⚔️ New Rythmical Combat Update 💡 Full in depth, graphical explanation." That sure makes it sound like you're trying to pass off a "final dish." Honestly, If you can't handle some criticism, don't ask for feedback. I'm trying to give you my feedback and because you don't like it, you're calling me a troll. IN MY OPINION, you're giving conflicting information in the title making it sound like you have all the answers, but your video is from the 5th, which is a week before the press event, so the only information at that time is the 4 minutes of video with no verbal explanations. AT THE TIME, you did not have confirmation that that was how it worked and this is my problem with your video. I'm honestly trying to give you legitimate feedback, what's the problem? I see a video that doesn't have confirmed info, I turn it off. Had it been from the 11th after the press event with confirmed info, I would've gladly watched it.

    Guys, although fun, I don't think we should be feeding the troll. Let him go back to reddit lol

    Anyways, you know, the only valid point that you made is that this video is from before the Emissary event. The bad thing for him is that my explanation stands exactly and kinda predicted what was shown at the event.

    So he probably mad lol

    I honestly could give a shit whether you were right or wrong because at the time you were not right. What I do get mad about is people that don't have concrete evidence about something and try to make a video based off of it with misinformation, yet you try to give the impression like you do know. You didn't know the exact information, yet you still made a video about it. If you had been wrong, you'd be grossly misinforming people. I didn't even watch the video because I saw it was put up on May 5th and realized that the information wouldn't be correct or confirmed until a week later, but honestly anyone could've figured it out. You asked for feedback, you got it. There's no need to call me a troll because it doesn't fit in there with everyone else figuratively stroking you off.

    "He gave out information that he got from the streamed conference" read before you comment with your counters.. I will ask you again where do you see any clickbait? Don't go around this, answer if you are a man.

    Published on May 5, 2018....that is a week before the press event. go look at the video. And not answering makes me not a man? That's a pretty irrelevant argument that has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion. Clickbait=guy says it's in depth with an explanation, goes on to say he had a hard time understanding the info from a 4 minute video, goes on to make a 16 minute video about how he thinks it works.

    I don't see any hints of click bait in any form or shape.

    Would you care to elaborate where is it that you see that?

    It's a video about the new combat system, stances, skill trees, chains and more. And it talks only - and precisely - about the new combat system, stances, skill trees, chains and more.

    He admits that he has a hard time understanding it so how can he give any information about it and how it works? much less 16 minutes about it.

    So you're asking for confirmation and then immediately after, you declare that it's pay to win? You're getting all worked up over something you don't even have details on and the game isn't even out yet.


    So I found this MMORPG few days ago and it kind of intrigues me. I watched some videos on youtube only to find out that we have to left click to attack (Basic Attack) and that's a big turn off for me because I don't like click attack system so I was wondering if the game gives us the option to switch the basic attack key from mouse click to any key on keyboard like SPACEBAR or is it unchangeable and fixed?

    On the Japanese version, the auto attack button is actually defaulted to the 1 key, with skills being defaulted to 1-9. You can change around hotkeys to anything you want though.

    From what it looks like, there is going to be a video shown on November 30th to give information about the big December update to include a race and a class. Sounds like it COULD be the Mascu and Ranger/Mystic, but this is not verified, I'm just going off of Chrome translation on the main site if anyone can shed more light on this.

    I think this idea is best reserved for forums. IMHO, Class specific discord channels are a bit much.

    I think what Nocht mentioned, a single discord server with separate channels for each class, would be a better solution than forums and individual class discord servers. It will be an easier way to find updated information for a class by pinning things in that class' channel with a much easier layout to ask questions. Any change to a class, just update the information really quick and then it's available for everyone as opposed to having to go through and edit the forum that people then have to sift through everything to find it and they won't even know if it's updated. Class servers were used in Black Desert and it was so much more reliable than the class forums. Typically forums are just full of people bitching and complaining with outdated information.

    I've seen this attempted in a few other recent MMORPG releases and it's just hardly ever really viable for games like this. Class specific text channels on main game discord will work much better for a game like Bless, imo. For BDO and WoW, it makes sense where there's a few thousand players for one specific class active on media sites and players can have lengthy discussions on the many variants that make up skills/stat/gear/reputation builds, etc. For Bless, we don't even have given stats to allocate, it's much more simple. Gear and skill point allocation make up a character's limits and abilities. That on top of the little playerbase we have now (and I don't think Bless will have a great playerbase in Global either, maybe for the first few weeks, it will) I think it's just going to be 8 discords with 10-15 members each, to be honest.

    I will add to to the suggestion and say that a discord for all classes might work better. Take me for example, I have played multiple classes to near 45 and would be able to provide input in discussions/help for them. For sure, I'd rather join just 1 instead of 6+ different discord servers.


    That's true, forgot how simplified it really is in this game with the only real variants I could see being runes and skill builds, which could end up being the pinned posts. But yeah, I could see a single discord server with different channels for each class. I think any kind of single area that has consolidated information on classes would work. I think ANYTHING would be helpful at this point.

    I was thinking that a great idea to get people help with their classes would be to make discord servers specifically for classes, kind of like what BDO has. It's a great way to have pinned FAQ's and skill builds so that if anyone needs help with those, they have a very quick reference. Also, any questions could be answered quickly for people without having to do a bunch of searching just to find outdated information.