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    • It's not even pay to win. So much dramaaaaa

      These are limited to how often they can be purchased. They can also be acquired via in game "Loyalty". Another thing that should be considered is that this is a pvp game, they want to limit access to PvE instances just like they don't want people to be popping the anti pvp potion at end game unless they pay$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$


        • Loot boxes are gambling no matter what way you look at it. That's why they are so problematic.

          I personally don't see them as actual gambling since me spending money does not give me money in return, it just gives me a possible boost in a virtual world that the company has all the rights to, but I can definitely see how enticing they can be.

          Some people just need to learn to control their "addictions" I highly doubt they will become illegal in the US due to the over growing popularity of casinos/gambling. Casinos and gambling laws use to be so strict and they are becoming more and more loose as time moves on. They may do some form of limitations in video games like age etc but some of that can be easily bypassed.

            • I can get both sides. I enjoy having a pet or a mount along for the ride but it can be a bit crazy and annoying. Especially if they are jus there for decor/show

                • "Like said, if you are going to promote one of your awareness days every 2 weeks, I'd rather just quit the guild without bothering you." I find it funny that something like this would actually bother you. It falls along the lines of someone on the internet being able to actually offend you or hurt your feelings. There is nothing wrong with people celebrating what they celebrate and giving notice to it. Someone talking about a milestone in human rights is the same as someone celebrating the milestone of being married for 10 years. Everyone has different ideas of importance and celebration.


                    • I have to disagree with that hetrosexuals actively promote their lifestyles all the time. Of all the guilds i have been in all of the games i have played i have never found this to be true. We talk about life and joke around but never have i or any of those i played with actively promoted our lifestyle. Talking about your family, kids, wife is not promoting a lifestyle it is just talking about your life. Tell me what else are we to talk about, If we have kids and our kid wins a spelling bee and we are proud of them and want to share it with our guild is that really promoting our lifestyle? if our wife gets a promotion at work and we share it cause we are proud is that promoting? I would say no. I could care less about what lifestyle a person leads. I just care about playing the game and making friends and sexuality is not even on my list of thing i think about when i make a friend. If a person is gay and married and their husband or wife got a promotion at work i would be happy for them.

                      Life and lifestyle are one in the same. They come from casual conversation that occurs in all platforms of communication within guilds/groups.

                      I was replying to Purpels comment where is basically stating that if you are lgbt you can be in the guild just don't talk about your life or being gay because its promoting your "Agenda, life choices" I was calling out how ignorant and stupid that sounds.

                        • Absolutely wrong. When you are in a guild with someone, playing a game, you spend hours and hours chatting with one another. Most likely half of that chat is not about the game but about real life, experience, other interest. Heterosexuals actively promote their lifestyle alllllll the time. They talk about their kids, their wife, they objectify woman, etc. Making friends with people is part of learning who they are outside of the game and sexual preference can play a huge part in that.

                          While I personally don't run around the game screaming, "I like men", you will definitely figure it out if you are around me long enough. I don't believe in self segregation and I am definitely not a victim, but this comment " I don't have anything against LGBT people, I just don't like people that constantly actively promote their life choices/opinions and what they identify as in my guild chat. I join a guild to make friend, play together, have fun. I couldn't care less if you're gay, lesbian, transsexual, a furry, black, asian, a black asian furry, or whatever you identify as. But if you want to celebrate and promote it in my guild chat, I'd just straight up quit the guild, rather than tell you to stop your propaganda." Shows how uneducated and ignorant you are.

                            • I personally would never join an LGBT guild, I'll be gay and open about it anywhere and everywhere.

                              One main reason I've seen is the higher possibility to find a connection with someone, be that dating or a closer friendship. Another reason would be comfort level, some people just prefer to be around people they can relate to more strongly. Thus why gay people tend to go to gay bars/clubs more than they would a heterosexual bar/club. They feel that they can be themselves more without holding back and do this with people who feel/are similar.

                              My advice is get out there and shine (bright like a diamond?). Don't self segregate, people can be more accepting than you think and even if they aren't...stop caring about it.


                                • They may but what are you reporting on? Most games that I have played there were no punishments for scamming people as long as it was done in a way that wasn't breaking ToS. Some times people can troll/grief without breaking rules either.

                                    • Well from what I know we are getting level 45 as max level to start with then it will eventually go up to 55? or 50? So there will be increases to level with additional content

                                        • The developers have said they are taking a serious look into player to player trading because how much the NA Community loves it. So I'd wager if it isn't in at early access, it will be shortly there after.

                                          I really hope they at least allow trading within guilds.

                                          You have to be part of the guild for so many days before you can and if you leave you cannot join another guild for some time.

                                            • Yeah server merges are just a healthy thing to do. Server population will usually decrease after the first 4-6 months and it is wasteful to have more servers running than needed and low populations.

                                              They may have pay to convenience items in the cash shop as I have seen it hinted, but those I don't mind. My time is far more valuable than my money. As long as there are no loot boxes or actual gear in the store I will be fine

                                                • I truly don't see THAT much changing in the game. I mean I guess it could but I doubt it.

                                                  Even if they change the level curve, that would be a huge adjustment if it takes more than 3-5 days hardcore playing to hit 45. ( unless they plan on adding a large number of quests in the game or forcing a mob grind to level. )