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    Hi everyone.

    So i was borred at work, and was searching youtube for good bless videos. and then i found THE video

    What is the BACKBONE of every mmorpg? THE STORY AKA LORE!

    Youtuber will never for some odd reason, make lore videos. and most ppl have no idea whats going in a game lore wise.

    but i found this video :

    He explains the lore about bless, never knew it :O! Damn im hyped

    But where do Aeria Games give out updates? As the website for bless on Aeria Games is down.

    Aeria Games Twitter is just dead, no one i making any update "last was from okt". On there main page there is nothing.

    So where do we get infomation about Aeria Games?

    And again why is there no infomation from Aeria Games about the website going down ?


    So i just tried out the RUS beta, and omfg a great game! Im so hyped i cant get my hands down, but at the same point im kinda sad as there isent ANY new infomation about bless EU/US.

    I tried the action combat and tab target in the RUS version and dont really see why people was crying about it, its REALLY awesome.

    Soi is there any new infomation from Bless eu/us? Besides that the website is down, and that isent the greates news :S

    PLZ PLZ PLZ let it come to the EU/US!!!