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    • i still wonder why people compare medieval-themed games with asian-themed ones when they got nothing in common except for being mmos.

      beside, Revelation is just another copy of previous NCSoft titles mixed together, so it's not that innovative either.

        • it will get abused, guaranteed.
          if we end up getting more people around here after EU/NA release, there's a good chance that some idiot will probably flood the forums with spam and/or irrelevant replies just for the sake of having a little extra background in their posts.

          i don't mind having some visual improvements as achievement or reward for "forum currency", but it needs to be thought of well.

            • premium accaunts for little extra boosts on exp/drop rate along with other minor stuff could be fine.
              mounts and pets are fine.
              costumes are fine.
              exp boost items are fine.

              anything else that is not in one of the above categories should stay far away from the cash shop, especially if it's related to gear like armors/weapons, or consumables like life potions and the like.

                • if they open projects in both EU and NA, there should be no problem for different regions as long as they're "nearby". in the end it's always up to the publisher thou.

                  anyhow, welcome on these boards Larek, hope we'll get news about CBT/OBT soon.

                    • before downloading random stuff, i'd like to at least know what i'm downloading.

                      in case someone missed it, i'll also leave this here( it's for armors preview ) :

                        • i think we're actually the only one around as english/international fansite as far as i know, other sites are mostly databases( see the russian one for armors ). i might be wrong thou.

                          and to be honest, i'd rather stay on these boards instead of Aeria's ones.
                          those are filled with bots and there's mostly people complaining about the company.....

                            • don't know, it seems that there's icons in-game for weapon remodeling like Aion, but i think they're not active yet.
                              same with armors, and sadly i don't think there's dyes either to color gear. not sure if they'll be eventually added in later patches, as nothing has been mentioned so far.

                                • i know it's been said before, but i'll just leave it here as a reminder.
                                  would be nice if the classes section of the forum had more sub-sections for each class, so at least the threads wouldn't be flooding a single section, and people would know where to look without wasting time searching for specific threads.

                                  that's all, kthxbye~

                                    • anyone playing it?

                                      i just had a blast of nostalgia, and was interested in starting over again, but apparently the situation in L2C EU with bots, drivers and RMTs is beyond salvation.
                                      plus is p2p and the exp/gold rates are 1/6 of the original game, so i'll just stay far away from that.

                                      i was thinking about trying out an EU private server for Classic with x3 rates, but they don't allow dual boxes unless you pay for them or use two PCs at once, so that's another letdown.
                                      leveling in L2 without a buffer is surely a pain in the ass and at mid~high levels it becomes pretty much impossible to go any further alone, so for the moment i'm still in "standby".

                                        • well, after reading Aeria's forums for a while, i guess anyone can clearly see how professional they are.

                                          don't think that the other F2P publishers are any better thou, 'cause in the end it's the same management anywhere else, be it a little better or worse.

                                          the current mmorpgs scene it's overloaded with titles that are pretty much copy-paste of older titles, and i have yet to see something new gameplay-wise.
                                          Only Tera and Black Desert changed the gameplay so far, anything else is still running with the traditional tab-targeting formula, or hybrids.

                                          if i'll manage to find a game with balanced mechanics, decent PvP content and no RNG bullshit PvP-wise, it will be enough for me.
                                          as for now, my only hope is for this title to not turn into another korean grind fest.

                                            • i've seen enough broken items in aion giving invincibility and other crap, so if this game will turn out to be another title for farmers and wallet warriors, i won't even bother playing it.

                                              if i play a game for PvP, i want to actually do it with my character's skills, not with some shitty consumables.

                                              korean developers have the bad habit of fucking up titles with potential most of the times, so i don't have much hope left at this point.
                                              we'll see what neowiz will do until the next year.

                                                • i hope they're consumables that can be used only during sieges, and that have a very long cooldown, because otherwise if everyone was running around spamming that shit, PvP would get totally ruined.

                                                    • they come directly from Bless YT channel, so i know as much as anyone else around here.

                                                      i have no idea if the second video is about mystic, but the first one is clearly about sieges.
                                                      it seems like they added cannons, tanks, golems and other stuff, but i don't know if it's regarding capitals only or if it's intended for the 100vs100 battleground.

                                                        • bidding money for territories control is crap, it would have been way better if that involved PvP between legions in order to bring more competition.
                                                          but if that's really how things work, then it's all about who has the deepest pockets.
                                                          no organization or strategy required, way to go neowiz.

                                                          as for the sieges, i honestly hope it's not all about bringing down a door and killing an npc, 'cause that would be quite dumb.
                                                          aion has that very same siege system, and it's bullshit. all it needs is a zerg bigger than the defenders.

                                                          they should just give multiple ways to get to the throne room or whatever the goal is, with stuff like destructible outer walls that leads to shortcuts and/or secret paths, along with other stuff to defend the castle, like traps, cannons and so on.