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  • Crime games are video games where players will incarnate in the role of either a criminal, murder or law-breaker. This theme has been popular over years; players monitor a low-level criminal to get into or escape from a life of crime.

    1. Cargo Crime Shooter

    Do you want to be a lone gunman?

    Cargo Crime Shooter, among the best multiplayer action games for you to play on PC - Free & Online, is a fast-paced, round based, survival FPS. You play as a lone gunman set up against endless hordes of enemy mercenaries. It will take everything you have to hold out against them. What tactics will you use in order to survive? Find a corner and hide out in an effort to draw the enemies to you or dash around the battlefield and take the fight to them. The choice is yours. Jump, sprint, crouch and shoot your way to victory through each round.

    Cargo Crime Shooter drops you right into the middle of a map and says, “GO!”. It’s up to you to grab your reliable AK-47 from the back of a nearby truck and load that bad boy up with ammo. From there, just do whatever you can to survive. What will your high score be?
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    2. Nypd Crime Control

    Earn full stars to become the highest score player.

    NYPD Crime Control belonging to top 5 best action games of all time - check out now for free lets you see what life on the inside of the world’s most sophisticated crime-stopping unit looks like. The NYPD is well known for having one of the toughest jobs on the planet and every day hundreds of men and women work to clean up the streets on New York. NYPD Crime Control lets you get a piece of the action.

    In this Crime Game, work your way through six missions and try to earn full stars to become qualified to walk the beat. You will have to perfect your aim and become a speedy reloader if you want to earn the maximum merits. With a bit of practice, you will be out on the streets serving up a heaping helping of justice in no time!

    3. Cold Crime

    Become the president of the stick world.

    Cold Crime is a sidescrolling action game where your stickman must defeat other stickmen and save the stick world. Use four different guns in combination with jumps and maneuvering to take down your enemies before they blast you. Be sure to grab the health pickups that they sometimes drop. You’re going to need them!

    In the seedy underbelly of the stick world, there is an unspeakable crime. It seems that there is only one man fit to save the world. That man is you (as Mr. Stick). Clean up the streets and fight your way through multiple levels to discover the dark origin of the chaos that has been clouding the stick world. This game is also one of the hot and new action games for kids to play now - Free & online.