Server Merges

  • Good morning,

    My guild mates and I have been talking about the server merges. Look you guys are stacking factions more with the servers you guys chose for the server merges. We all think it would be best if there was one server for each region. Look you guys basically killed your own game. That's fine. We're still here trying to make it work and testing out each new patch to the best of our abilities. But this game is focused around PVP at the end of the day... On Tanara the biggest server. We barely get one battle ground pop an hour if not at all anymore. Hell if we can't get one server at least give us the option to go union. I'm tired of camping them on the boat every time we get a game. They're tired of Pureluck, hostile and us Resistance destroying them so they stopped queing. The way games battlegrounds finds players needs to be tweaked heavily. I had a kick DC 40 minutes into waiting for our turn to get the battlegrounds area and we got knocked to the back of the que.

    So here's what needs to happen before our community dies.

    • One server Per Region
    • If the 1st in the list is not an option. Add a cash shop item that allows us to swap factions so we can help server health.
    • Fix the way battlegrounds pick players. Don't punish 15man pre mades when one disconnects. Just let the 15man join with out a person and add someone else in that solo que'd. Get rid of the ogres all together. Not one person that plays your game enjoys the ogres. If anything make them permanently the other factions when they kill it until killed again. Instead of the current small timer they have now
    • Make basel gorge have increased merit pay outs. I rarely see any union out there. It's mostly Resistance and Pureluck farming monsters and looking for Union players just to get the dailies done. Most of the time we don't even kill the solo ones we let them kill the monsters with us or let them take flags so we can do the dailies.
    • Fix the RNG with runes for crafting gear and dungeon drops to only have runes that would matter for the class. As a berserker it hurts almost as bad as getting stabbed while I was deployed when I get an eagle rune on a piece of crafted gear. And I know all about the rune transfer system. It's still very hard to get lion, wolf, bear or leopard. I know there are defensive runes as well. No one wants those. Not one person. The Ideal rune set up for a class is max hit and max FP or AP. A lot of guys just quit because they wasted so much time running MT everyday and getting mats to have the worst runes possible on gear. Not even runes that work for their own classes. Mages with bear runes like seriously? Also, fix the patala ruins drops to MT drops for the crafting mats. It's so hard to get the roll on one piece of submerged. To then fight for them in the market place is cancerous at times.
    • Make an in game GM ticket service and fill that with more community members to help rid the servers of hackers. People are starting to hack because they don't care anymore if they get banned. Also, maybe encrypt the ini files so we can't just go find them and change the movement speed or turn on flying when ever we want with a relog hmm? :blessdepressed:
  • Good ideas! Just as an FYI, on Tanara Union side, I have never, not once, seen a call out for a premaid for the BGrounds. Perhaps its more of a guild thing though. You are right, at least speaking for myself, queing up to have our pug face all of your premades - well just isn't any fun so why do it?

    Premaids shouldn't go up against pugs. Hopefully the server merge might help with this, and your petition viewed, or cared about at least a little from the developers.