• can someone tell me how can i earn gold ? I just saw 45 epic gear from Market Manager, Per Gear 550g, 2.300k gold 5.5k gold, So how can i buy? no make sense.

    No drop from dungeon, I cant sell any item from MM ( Potions or another craft stuff)

    I loved this game but ...;(

  • farm raw materials from turbans , turbans are material dungeons , 3minute timers and get all you can , in 3 mins , they look like "gypsy" hats aka turbans , but are golden and few other colors , in world cant be zoomed out to far to see this on ground , 90 max FOV (field of view ) if edited ini then need 90 fov max to see these attractions ,

  • it would take a long time to earn that much gold even from turbans. it's a slow process but there are other things besides selling raw mats that you can do such as your daily/weekly missions which will give you at least 1 gold each on each character you do them. sometimes more if the reward chest gives you and extra 3 - 5 gold bars when you open it. selling 37 blues is ok, especially if they have a good rune on them.

    also, the market has set pricing range so that may be why the purple items cost so much. players simply cannot choose to sell them for a lesser price. i heard also that crafted gear is better than dropped gear but i don't really know for sure, so maybe lvling up your armoursmith will help you get what you're looking for too.

  • Hunting parties tend to provide a lot of mob drops like copper but that would take quite a while. Other things would be to farm bosses that drop certain crafting resources and sell them on the market for the lazy players. You could also go turban hunting and possibly get 1 gold each time you enter, and also sell the rest of the resources you mine on the market. I believe they adjusted some of the boss and world boss tables so they have higher chances to drop gold. My last idea would be to sell the crafted items you make like Crusty said. Since professions offer passive buffs and certain useful items, not a lot of people choose Handiwork. Since accessories practically don't drop from anything other than world bosses, the main way to obtain them is on the market or crafting them yourselves. I would say the fastest and main form of income right now is trading your crafted items on the market.

    Basically it's: "Become a merchant by selling your crafted equipment! Merchants will become the 1%"