Urutus Mine - Level 31 Dungeon Guide

  • Hey Peeps,

    I hope I'm posting thing in the right section. I've seen quite a few videos going around for the dungeons that we have in Bless, but they were all straight gameplay, with very little commentary. There were very few if any guides out there. So, I'm going to be doing a guide on the dungeons as I get to them. The first two, I skipped as they're pretty easy to get through. The first one I've had a party actually wipe on was this one, Urutus Mine. I've included all the tips that helped our party get through the dungeon relatively smoothly.

    Please let me know if you would change anything or add anything. While this is fun for me, I do want to improve.

  • Yeah, unfortunately, the dungeon isn't too complex, but my first run through did wipe a couple times. And that was the first time I'd wiped in Bless.