Occupied Temple Main Quest Bug Glitch at Level 39

  • :blessdepressed:

    Ever since I hit Lvl 39, this Blue Quest just Glitched on me.

    It just says your objective of 0/10, of which it doesn't specify.

    There's not auto path and on the map, no Blue/Main Quest Symbol to be found.

    It's just not there.

    I went to the Temple of Night in Bleached Dessert, killed the mobs, and still nothing.


    To a point just did Monster Books with the Guild to get to 40, "thinking" that would fix it, it didn't.

    If anyone has experienced a bug like this, or is exactly in the same position as me.

    Please do share your experience and/or resolution.

    Cause of right now, Main Quest wise, I'm stuck.


  • Mine dosen't show on the map neither has objective in text to kill them inside of the temple. After i reach the temple there's no cinematics and if i kill all of them still nothing happens. How to fix this main quest bug?