Pet/ Mount food Is bugged?

  • As the title says, I just got the cooking profession to be able to create pet/ mount food, but whenever I create them and try to put them on the market, it says "You can sell this item" even though it says "Available for sale" on the description of the item. Also I see the exact similar items (Organic Diet Can/ Organic Dried Feed) on the market already, so why some people can't post them on the market? After asking a few people who had the same problem, I think this is a glitch that should be solved.

  • It's not exactly the same item on the market though. If you look carefully, they are sold as x10 stacks.
    I figured you had to make those stacks to be able to sell them but I don't know how to (I tried everything I could think of).

    It's still a problem they have to solve though.