Level 1 Gear for Beserker, Guardian, and Paladin

  • Hi, Neowiz. Thanks for the hard work in making the game better.

    As a new player I buy upgraded gear at the first opportunity because...frankly...I want to look good ASAP!8)

    Mages, Archers, and Assassin can buy and wear gear available to them at level one.

    Berserkers, Guardians, and Paladins however cannot. The first set of gear available to them at the merchant is the same price point and quality as the previously mentioned classes, BUT they cannot be worn until level 5.

    Example: Blacknot Leg Guard of the Trainee (Assassin, Ranger) sells for 2s, 8c and can be used at level 1.

    Valorous Warriors Greaves of the Beginner (Berserker, Guardian) sells for 2s, 8c, but cannot be worn until level 5 or higher.

    All classes have level 12 and higher gear at the same price point.