Which ability to start with?

  • Hi i dont know which ability i should focus at the start, anyone have a build for mage?

  • I'm no expert but the fire stance is very powerful and have nice how's. I enjoy it at the moment and it's been great in dungeons 😄

  • yes thats what im using the most too, but i dont know where to add points, abilities etc

  • As you have only Flame Tactic to start with (mixed tactic is not interesting for me at the moment), you should focus on it.

    Prioritize fast chains like magic shot > incineration > fiery meteor (cool viual effect as well) and kindle > fiery meteor > incandescence

    I think this should be the starting point for leveling

  • Hum so the tooltips are wrong

    I understand but before on JP we have stun with fire skills too

    Atm we don't really have slow on Ice skill (on JP almost all Ice skill had 25% slow) and 0 stun

    It was "ok" at the begining of the Steam version cause all "shiftskill" were nerfed, but with the last patch, all classes have 3-5 immu/dodge and mage don't have more CC for surviving

    I don't whine, but I know if they nerf (and they will) the Ice "2" skill spam, mage will have hardtime

    Dunno if it's intend (no stun on 2 skill), it's a bug ? or a bad tooltips (imported from JP)