Guradian lvling build. Show em off.

  • I try to enchant some skills to see the difference on my dps and ... it's change a lot :o
    I don't know at this moment if it's a good build.

    Gladiator tactic : 2 point on combat stance = Crit rate

    Sword Draw 2 point on damage
    Destroy 2 points on damage
    Dauntless Strike 2 points on crit hit

    Charge tactic : 3 points on toughness
    Charge 2 point on restriction
    Shield Upper Swing 2 points on crit
    Punish 2 point on silent time

    As I say it's a test and it's fine for pve duno for pvp

  • Can someone please post their builds/ skill upgrade points for guardian as a tank, cause i am having a hard time understanding which way to go, also with the damage reduction i tried doing lvl 31 dungeon and died like 5 times there.Please someone help

    Also since i have been looking for a guardian guide and didnt find one, can someone please tell me which stance to use for tanking in dungeons?

  • I just use the first stance we ever get for everything pve. Most of the content is a dps race instead of a can you survive race.

    2nd stance is your pvp stance.

    I have never even touched either tank stance as I don't think there is anything in them that generates agro better than just doing more dps and spamming the 3 horn on first stance.

  • On pvp I use the 2nd stance and 3rd stance. Because when i switch stance i have protection buff for a few sec that can save my life a lot.
    2nd is a must have for pvp. you can control and make a lot of dmg.

    On Pve i use 1st and 2nde stance. sometimesw i use the 3rd on hard boss for the same reason. shields ! :)