Spend Lumena

  • So i did a ranger at first and really thought that i would enjoy that class but now i want to start playing mage instead. Correct me if i am wrong but all the skins, Lumena etc that come with the founders pack is bound to one character right? If so is there anything you can buy for Lumena that you can share amongst your characters? Like bag, potions and so on? Or something you can do with the lumena than just trow it away.

    I can live without the skins but i bought the deluxe version for eome reason and tbh i find it very greedy to bind the founder stuffs to one character, specially the lumena :(

    I mean everyone can change their mind so atleast give us one time to transfer the founder items to another character. Sorry about the english since im not from an english speaking country.

    Have a nice nerd day :)

  • if you go to their support site it says, they can transfer founders pack items to other characters and ones in different servers. you have to submit a ticket.

    look through my posts and there is a link for the support site.

    on mobile atm, if you still need help message me and ill link you when im able