Background Music for Bless Online Intro

  • While running through the lore, and the different categories on the Bless Online Information pages, I found that it was rather quiet sitting at home and reading the pages. So perhaps it might be a good idea to have some background music when reading the different pages, such as when reading through the different factions you hear different music originating from either factions capital, or while you scroll through the page you hear peacefulness go on in to a roar of war and chaos, and so forth.

    For every race you hear music from the towns or streets of which they were born or come from, to more immerse a person when they're reading the lore of the races. And of course you'll want some music volume toggle on one of the corners of the page which is always visible to toggle the music or change the volume for those whom of which do not wish to listen or think it's rather loud for their ears.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you're having a good day, and to see you once the game has launched!~♫♫:saint:Banner.2.png

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