List of all changes/news in NA release

  • After posting live document on subreddit /r/Bless, many people asked questions or referred to bless-source getting multiple different answers. To give you all unified answers from what was told, here is list of all changes that me and my friends found out from all the feeds regarding press conference, dev talks and NA release streams (this list is not in final form, we still have about 15% of all videos to review).

    Please also note, that almost for every answer, devs said it is still subject to change based on feedback.

    1. Changes to mechanics

    • Auto Attack was completely removed. Shift and stamina system was completely removed. The only way to use skills, is to pre-generate energy by using other stance's skills (also called: stance dance).
    • We are not able to change skills in combo chain. There is 4 additional non-stance slots for skills to pick. Stance skills are your combos.
    • There is room for 3 tactics which basically are skill builds / talent builds (i.e. one for pve and one for pvp)
    • Only 4/6 stances are available in early access and rest will be unlockable by overleveling your character. This system is not yet implemented.
    • No player2player trading and no guild warehouse but you are able to transfer items within your account between alts.
    • Speaking of alts, there is 3 character slots available at launch and more will be unlockable in cash shop.
    • Only one weapon is available per class (so no, no greatsword for guardian). There are plans for more weapons in the future. Armors are "classless" and "speciality" - some can be worn by any class (crown plated mage anyone?) and some are bound to one class.
    • iFrames are removed from all active skills except those meant to evade (like roll).
    • Air/Sea combat has not been planned yet.
    • Flying mounts are available only through influence points (territory wars).
    • Paladins and Guardians are not underpowered and their solo experience is comparable to damagedealer classes in terms of solo pve clears.
    • Auto collect pets now stack items in inventory.
    • There are plans for seasonal events such as halloween etc.
    • There are plans addressing increased spawnrates of key monsters to prevent spawn camping (only crucial quests).
    • Runes will be rebalanced to prevent 1-shot meta.
    • tower defense mode will be introduced later in game with possible practice mode (so we don't have to wait week to try it again. opening times may change as well)

    2. Premium, cash shop, founder packs

    • Base pack costs $29.99 USD. Early Access launches on May 30th 10am PDT / 4pm GMT.
    • Founder packs cost $39.99 USD, $69.99 USD, $199.99 USD and come with 2 day headstart 10am PDT / 4pm GMT.
    • Founder packs are upgradeable within certain timeframe (until founder packs are possible to buy).
    • Collectors pack comes with 1 gift code that also has 2 day headstart (this is just base game, no additional features). Collector's also comes with premium customer support which basically means, your tickets will have higher priority than other players.
    • Premium membership adds definitely XP boosts (no words on different boosts), costumes and mount skins, convenience consumables that are not p2w (no comment on that except they mentioned gatheting boosts).
    • We are able to convert adventure/pvp points into Lumena. Ratio was not discussed yet.
    • Pet skill reroll and dungeon entry reset scrolls and disenchanting stones are not available.

    3. UI

    • New UI will be added into early access that was not implemented in press conf.
    • Game comes out in English and German translation and only English voiceover.
    • You may save preset of character and load on different account but you will not be able to import customization files from JP client.
    • There is classic and action combat control to choose from.
    • 21:9 ultrawide support is planned
    • Target of Target is in open discussion and might be implemented.
    • /focus (secondary target) will be discussed but is not planned.
    • Optimization and performance fixes are already there and will be continued, loading times has been decreased.
    • There is skippable guide upon creation of character.
    • No addons

    4. Misc & PvX

    • Game might come out of early access within 6 - 12 months.
    • Arena opens 3 times a day but this is subject to change based on feedback.
    • Guild max is 120 members and there is no discussion about increasing this number.
    • Assassin and Mystic is supposed to be out in around 6 - 12 months (most likely before end of early access).
    • Warlock and Siren is in plans for next year.
    • Auction house will have limits (min/max values for items) to prevent inflation / gold trading.
    • Neowiz has ability to change models/textures on the fly based on community feedback.
    • Emissaries will be able to report suspicious activity to GM (arena bots, chat spammers etc.)
    • API (developers) is not available but it is under discussion right now. They confirmed it is possible that we will get it.
    • No predownload confirmed - game comes out the same time as founder packs. This is due to steam policy for early access games.
    • There will be bug tracker / ticket system.
    • Daily quests are character based.
    • Multiboxing is prohibited by steam and so by neowiz.
    • Servers provider is AWS, there will be two regions available for early access (Virginia for NA and Frankfurt for EU). There are comments there will be 3 NA and 2 EU servers.
    • Language servers are planned (german, french etc.)

    If you learned something that was not listed here yet, let me know. Full doc (will be updated more often that this post - several times a day):…C7sNPzXd3-JOyyiH7bBkaoeUw

  • How many servers and channels will NA have on release?

    I've heard that there will be 3 NA servers(Located in Virginia, USA), 2 EU servers(Located in Frankfurt, Germany)

    Though I believe it has yet to be actually decided.