Rules & Code of Conduct

  • Rules

    • Don't post racist, pornographic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, extremely violent, or other NSFW content

    • Don't troll other members

    • Don't pretend to be a Staff Member of Neowiz or a Moderator/Admin

    • Don't private message other members to promote your guild, website or stream

    • Don't be toxic or constantly negative & unconstructive

    • Don't post links to executable files or illegal software

    • Don't share personal information of other users (pictures, real names, addresses, numbers, etc.)

    • Don't share or discuss hacks, exploits or client modifications

    • Do not advertise things that do not add to the community, are not useful and/or do not relate to the game.

    • Don't make an new account to attempt to get around a ban. This will result in an insta-ban with no warning

    • Don't spam outside of the Off-Topic Forums

    • Don't discuss decisions made by staff

    • Don't try to get around our NSFW rule(1st one) with ambiguous emojis, pictures or messages

    • Don't call other Users names just because they do not share the same opinion as you.

    Example: Statement: I wish we had a PvE Server

    Wrong response: Are you retarded? Go back to Hello Kitty idiot.

    Correct response: PvP is an important feature of the game. I don't think a PvE Server is a good idea.

    Code of Conduct

    Apart from the rules for this Website, make sure to treat everyone in a respectful way. The more people come, the more the different points of view and experiences everyone brings to the table. We want to keep an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and have a great time. Therefore, it is self explanatory, that we'll ensure, that everyone present here will have joy being either an active or passive user. Obviously heated debates are meant to arise from time to time, but please respect every users opinion without becoming verbally abusive. We won't tolerate flame wars and hostile stances on individuals or collectives and won't hesitate to enforce measures to counter such behavior.
    If you ever feel harassed, insulted or offended, don't hesitate to contact our Admins or Moderators.