The factions of Bless Online: Hieron and Union

  • I am not in doubt, I will let my sword speak for those who are in doubt. There is nothing else than the Union, being a slave(Hieron) doesn't sound appealing

  • You need choise Union / Heiron or you can play as neutral?? What playe get after join to fraction except fraction war and city fraction?? Maybe some instance only for U/H ?

    You have to chose, you cant be Neutral... Instances are the same for both, it doesn't really matter which one you chose, at least for now, maybe later they add something like that, wouldn't be a bad idea....

  • Played through Hieron 3x, Union 1x only. I prefer Hieron over Union progression, but cannot bear to go through it any more times, so Union for me and my friends this time.

    Like your content bro. If you and your friends are planning to play on NA hit me up if you need a Guild. If not hit me up and we will see what we can get into. UNION FTW!!

    Do have a feeling Union will be like the Horde in WoW. Hahahahah

  • You need to read the lore again, you depicting it wrong..

    People who told me about the story in the other versions of the game say that the Union started forcing people in to slavery and then the Hieron slapped there hands.

    Basically both are equally bad neither faction is straight up evil or straight up good.

    I am only saying this just in case @Tenryushu meant chaos in the DnD like sense (there personality, ideals and so what) and not there origin

  • You need to read the lore again, you depicting it wrong..

    I have read the lore many times :D, ill share some of it and my viewpoint on it aswell:
    The history of Ibliss, they worship the God of Chaos, they themselves are allies of the Union, Along with Panthera Who are a Prideful race, who care not for the weak but only the strong, Along with Amistad who believe they are the descendants of ancient Lumen empire which is also why they broke apart from hieron, by not giving tribute (paying taxes, which goes along with protection from the Hieron empire) thus was the spark for the war.
    Along with that Fedayn race that came through the portal with the Ibliss were protectors in their previous realm, and due to Ibliss race was unsatisfied with their class waged war witch thus destroyed their home-world, The Fedayn as protectors only care to protect the realm from any more catastrophes like what happened to their home-world, because of the conflict, and they too chose to side with Hieron.
    Hieron is referred to the Holy Empire, because the Sylvan elves chose the Habitchs to be the leader of the alliance, and to have them lead the world to the next prosperity that they once had before darkness turned their world upside down. Which they indeed did for 100 years, until after saving the southern lands races (Union) from savage races who were in domination of that land they joined under the Hieron empire. (basically they were saved from hostile attacks from the previous savage races in that area) Regardless of their benefactors, Then they became dissatisfied with order and structure and wanted total freedom also believing that they are the true descendants of the lumen empire wanted to create their own empire, thus creating a alliance of their own with all the other races in the south, and refusing tribute which sparked the war.
    Lupus race themselves are a proud race, above all else respect all forms of life which is the complete contrast of the panthera.
    Also Mascu race after finding a new place to call their home, in the actual story and lore wise chose to side with Hieron because of their ideals. (they were changed to multiple faction after rebuild and siren race was suppose to be on union side)

    The lore has also changed since it was first released in Korea, so the original lore is not fully listed anymore, and hard to come across now too.

    But you can view the new lore in two types of aspects, the Holy empire became not so holy anymore and greedy certain officials became corrupt and oppression started, Thus making the Habitchs form a alliance, with whoever they could get so remove them selves from this oppression, although they were saved from being oppressed, their rulers turned into oppressors, But at the same time, They believe they are the rightful true heirs to the lumen empire which is in their lore, and that also was main reason they decided to leave the Hieron empire.

    On Hieron side of it, If you rescued people from oppression, sheltered them for decades, help make them prosperous, Then all the sudden they decide they don't want to be part of your Empire anymore, they refuse to pay tribute (taxes) What would you do as Leader of your Empire, obviously you must set a example, and not show any weakness, thus the war starts.
    Race wise, Hieron in all their races core care for fundamental of moral principles about protecting citizens and the weak, where-as
    Union believes they are special, and everyone else is beneath them, they are more full of prideful races.