• Dear Community,

    Codex is a Hardcore PvX Guild based in Europe (International). This means that we will constantly focus on improving ourselves, both as a guild and as individuals, to achieve our goals. That's why we already have multiple World, Western and Europe Top achievements across multiple MMOs.

    To apply join our Discord Server and contact Deioth #0001
    We are in the Physis Server and part of the Union Faction.

    Main Points:
    ◘ We plan with other guilds to make the most active server.
    ◘ We take all PvX content seriously.
    ◘ Maximize Progress with competent Management and Dedication.
    ◘ Website + tools + Discord + TeamSpeak3 512 slots server license.
    ◘ Everyone can voice their opinion, and we vote on important topics.
    ◘ Everyone contributes, whether it is by helping others or taking charge of a Guild aspect.
    ◘ Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

    Potential Requirements for applying to our Codex Bless Roster:
    ♦ Leveling quickly.
    ♦ Active = Join Guild Content.
    ♦ Mature = Give and take constructive feedback for everyone's improvement.
    ♦ Motivated = Hardcore goals you want to reach.
    ♦ Dedicated = Constantly strive to achieve your goals.
    ♦ Friendly = Sense of guild camaraderie and respect others.
    ♦ Adaptive = Quickly learn new content.
    ♦ International = Understand and speak English.
    ♦ Communicative = Talk on TeamSpeak and chat on Discord with us.

    Requirements for moving up in our Codex Bless Roster ranks:
    ♦ Class Specific Trials which will be explained to you if you are accepted.
    ♦ Each Trial is handled by your Class Leader who will help you improve.
    ♦ The Trials are aimed at helping you meet our requirements.

    @ Deioth

    Best regards,

  • Dear community,

    To update you on our Bless Branch, we have started Codex on Bless Japan. If you want to play with us you can find all details on our Discord Codex Megaserver in #0_bless_japan_installation.
    Don't forget to self-assign your Bless Role by typing .iam Bless Member in the #global_info chat.

    Thank you for the kind words everyone!

    @Estekiwi I'll play every role and decide on the one I feel I can use to have the most impact for PvX and mass PvP.

    Best regards,

  • Played Revelation with them, Got to say best leadership and an awesome and very skilled core group. Totally would recommend them if you're into "Harcore" *wink*

  • If you're looking for a Hardcore PvX guild, That is all about its community, having fun and kicking some butt, Then codex is the place for you. Their Achievements speak for them self's and some of you know codex from other games but if your someone that is looking for a guild with great leadership, A fun and welcoming community then give codex a chance, Good luck with bless everyone!