Rebuild Test Server Patch Notes (09/08/2017)

  • Today's update on rebuild test servers

    [Changes to Exchange(Auction House) system]

    - Removed the limitation where you could only purchase the lowest price items off the auction house.

    [Rebuild Test Server Free Lumena changes]

    - When creating a character on the Rebuild Server, 1000 Lumena will be shipped in the mailbox once per account
    *Prior to this update you could receive 1000 Lumens for every character you created
    - You will also get 120 Lumena recharged daily for logging on from now on
    - Additional 1000 Lumena will be given out on Thurs 17.08, Thurs 31.08 to accounts that had character(s) on rebuild servers

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  • How are the korean players feeling about the state of the game?

    The language barrier is really shit. I think the western player base could help them a lot with balance issues. Personal i would like to give real feedback to them. Hmmmm is it possible for us to make a Bug/Balance Issue Thread and give them the informations?

    Best regards!