Character Grow Feedback Thread

  • New Gear Upgrading System

    -Allows you to upgrade your gear up to +15
    -Depending on your Upgrade Level your Items appearance changes
    -Weapons and Shields can be Evolved 3 times for extra stats

    New Skill System

    -Skills now must be upgraded with Skill Points
    -9th Skillslot has been added
    -You can skill some class-depending stats

  • This is something that actually bought me back into Bless Online (see that game goes into right direction).

    Glowing armours is an overkill though, looks awful :D
    I always bring Lineage 2 as an example of well made MMO as I played it 10+ years.

    It is well enough if the weapon glows in a nice way (Neonwiz made it quite cheap so far).

    New skill system ? Amazing, and has a potential to bring the variety into game.

  • + Love the new gear enhancements.
    + The new skill system is much better.

    - Dislike the new progression, the quests should give some weapons, so people don't have to fight every monster undergeared and feel like its a pain in the ass.
    (Currently, you have to farm dungeons for armor and kill elites for weapons, but they are overcamped)

    "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith W.

  • I have a problem with the skill system. I put some point in skills and then I live the screeen without having saved the changes, but when i enter to the skills screen again I don't have the points, not to put them in skills and not in the skills I previously put them without saving. After playing for a while the points comes back. Don't know if it's a bug that only I have...

  • I started playing Bless recently (like a week ago) and I started by the Rebuild server.
    I'm new, but I follow the game since before CBT1, which was in 2014 I think.

    Since the Rebuild is made to repair mistakes from the original game, I want to help out a bit by giving my feedback on the skill system/tree :

    Note : I don't know everything, so my points are based on my own experience, please tell me if I'm wrong.

    + The skill tree is clear and it's easy to know which skill is passive/active/reaction/core...
    + It's fun to equip different passive/active skills with diffrent builds/playstyles

    - Passive skills feel underwhelming. For example, a certain passive skill for Assassins makes them to deal 5% more damage when hitting the back. It's a really nice mechanic, but it's not impactful enough.
    - Skills upgrades also don't feel impactful, because 6 skills points for a 5% increase in the skill's effectiveness is not worth it. If I spend 6 levels to upgrade a skill, I want results.

    *In the above screenshots, we can see passive skills with higher levels, is it only because this system is not yet implemented in Rebuild or because passives will only be available for at level 1?
    *Can we earn Skills Points in other ways than leveling?

    [Mage Class Only]
    It would be nice to unlock the different elements at the same time (not saying you get 3 skills per level).
    For example, you start with the basic attack + a fire spell. The next skill you unlock is a water/ice spell, the next is a lightning one and so on.
    As for the core skills, the player could choose for 1 of the three of his/her choice at levels 10, 20 and 30.
    I just find it's a shame that Lightning skills necessarily mean higher level.