[Rebuild] UI/UX


-New, more compact Menu UI

-You can now hide specific Quest Types (aka your Quest Window is not fille with Hunting Quests anymore).

-You can now create your own tabs for the Chatbox

-It is now easier to find items at the auctioneer. In the old version you had to enter the full name, now a part of it is enough. You can also compare your gear now

-This one is a bit hard to translate, but i think this is an option to automatically underbid other players. For example: You sell an Item for 10 Gold and set the minimum price for this Item to 7 Gold. If another Player sells the same item for 9 Gold, your Items price automatically drops to 8 Gold 99 Silver 99 Bronze.

-A Screenshot Mode has been added. This Mode hides the UI and gives you more options to move your camera.

-You can now go to the toilet while automatically walking to your desired location

-New Character Creation Screen

-New Map Icons
-New NPC HP bars

-New Guild Info next to a Players name

-You can now see information of other Guilds in the game and apply for them

-There is now a Dungeon Finder AND a new Random Dungeon Queue that gives you special rewards at the end

-When you wield a dual sword and equip a new pair the second sword you equip will no longer replace the first one so you dont have to drag the other sword to the 2nd slot anymore. Same with rings

-You can now change the order of Party Members in the Party UI (Like Tank on Top for easier healing etc)