Rebuild Project Announced

It’s probably not a secret anymore that Bless is in a pretty bad state. However, the developer, Neowiz Bless Studio, is not giving up and promises many changes to improve their game. Bless is still a fun MMO with a lot of potential, but yes, it needs some changes. Neowiz will announce more on July 25th, but here is what Neowiz plans to change:

3 Main Objectives to work on:

-Examining the game systems and framework thoroughly
-Not afraid of abandoning the current game structure and rebuilding it from scratch
-Adding new contents

Character growth:

-It’s hard for players to feel the changes even when they equip new items
-Players can barely feel the change after enhancing their gear
-It’s difficult for players to enhance the items
-There many skills for a class but they fail to interpret a class’ unique characteristic and identity
-Too many inefficient techniques for a class
-Battle is frustrating

Mounts and pets:

-Mounts, pets and servants lack of variety
-There’s no reward from investing into mount / pet progression
-The training gameplay is not fun

Gathering and crafting:

-A lot of crafting products are useless
-Too many weird and useless materials and it’s hard for players to gather what they want

UI and user experience:

-The UI isn’t good enough help players to understand and play the game
A test server will go live in Korea soon to text the new changes. We will let you know when there are more news.
Thanks to MMORPGmaster from 2P for the translation.

In other news, we can confirm that there is a new North American and European Project Manager and Neowiz plans to publish the game in the west. They even consider releasing it on Steam as an Early Access title as we suggested before on our fansite. We know waiting so long is frustrating, but if Neowiz solves the issues listed above Bless could become one of the best and most fun MMOs of all time.

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